How to Buy More Storage on iPhone


If you’re an iPhone user, you know how quickly storage can be filled up. Whether it’s photos, videos, music, or apps, an iPhone can quickly become overwhelmed with content. Fortunately, there are a few ways to buy more storage space for your device. In this article, we’ll discuss the various options available and how to purchase additional storage on your iPhone.

What to Know

iCloud storage is a convenient and easy way to store pictures, videos, documents, music and more in the cloud so you can access them from any device. Apple users are provided with 5GB of free iCloud storage upon signing up for an account. However, if your content is piling up and you need more storage space than 5GB can provide, there are three tiers of paid iCloud plans available—50GB, 200GB, and 2TB. Upgrading the iCloud storage for your Apple account is quick and easy using your iPhone. Choose the plan that fits your needs best and follow prompts from there.

The amount of photos or videos stored on an iPhone may be small initially but they add up very quickly over time. Regularly backing up photos or videos to the cloud helps free up space on your phone while ensuring everything stays organized and secure- no matter what happens to your phone down the line. With Apple’s convenient price points for various levels of iCloud storage, it’s easier than ever to find a plan that works for any budget.

Is it possible to purchase additional storage for an iPhone?

The iPhone is known for its quite impressive storage capabilities, but even with a large amount of onboard storage, there are times when you need a bit more space. Unfortunately, Apple does not currently offer an option to increase the storage plan capacity of your device. Consequently, users who require additional space have had to find creative solutions.

One of the most popular methods to gain extra phone storage is through the use of iCloud storage. This cloud-based service provided by Apple will enable you to back up and store various files and data remotely on its servers. With this added convenience comes a cost; however, it may be worth it in the end if you don’t want to worry about deleting files from your iPhone just so they can fit onto it. It’s also great because once synced, any file can be retrieved from any compatible Apple device storage that is connected with your iCloud account, no matter where you are.

Some additional storages to upgrade iCloud:

1. iCloud+ with 50 GB storage

iCloud+ with 50GB storage offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to upgrade their cloud storage. With 50GB of storage, you’ll have enough space to store photos, videos, and more. iCloud Private Relay gives users the ability to communicate securely and safely without having to worry about their messages being intercepted by third parties. Hide My Email provides an extra layer of privacy when using emails, guaranteeing that no one will have access to your information unless authorized. iCloud + also allows you to set up a custom-branded email domain, giving your emails a unique touch as well as reinforcing brand loyalty with customers.

The HomeKit Secure Video support for one camera also enables users to keep an eye on activities at home remotely from any iOS or Mac device. And with the Family Sharing feature of iCloud+, you can share purchase content and data like calendars, photos, videos and more up to five other family members without worrying about anyone accessing sensitive data without permission.

2. iCloud+ with 200 GB storage

iCloud+ provides users with an extra 200 GB of storage capacity, which is perfect for those with enormous media libraries, need to store lots of project data, or simply have a lot to back up. Additionally, iCloud+ gives you access to iCloud Private Relay, so you can browse the internet and receive email anonymously. You also get Hide My Email which provides disposable email addresses that keep your real address out of sight. You can even use a custom domain name and create personalized email addresses.

For home security, HomeKit Secure Video support is included with iCloud+, enabling you to view recordings from up to five cameras in the Home app on all your devices. What’s more, iCloud+ lets you share everything with up to five other family members including calendars, music, movies and photos – making it easier than ever for everyone in the family to stay connected.

3. iCloud+ with 2 TB storage

The iCloud+ with 2 TB storage offers an incredibly large amount of extra storage space for backing up photos, videos, and more. With it, users can easily manage their digital life and keep everything in one place. Additionally, the iCloud Private Relay helps protect privacy by forwarding emails to a designated email address before delivering them to the recipient. Hide My Email keeps online accounts secure by generating disposable email addresses that are connected to the user’s main one yet provide extra security. Uniquely, iCloud+ users can also create a custom Email Domain – so people don’t have to remember complicated usernames when sending an email to you.

Furthermore, HomeKit Secure Video Support enables home monitoring with full encryption and secure storage on the cloud. This feature works with an unlimited number of cameras at once and alerts can be set along with other customizable settings. Finally, iCloud+ allows users to share everything with up to five other family members or friends – such as storage space and access to Apple services like Entertainment bundle and Apple Music Family Sharing plan – so everyone is always connected.