How Big is an iPad Mini?

How Big is an iPad Mini?


Delve into the compact world of the iPad Mini with this article, where we uncover the device’s physical dimensions, screen size, and its unique place in the iPad lineup. Discover how Apple’s smallest tablet packs a punch in terms of portability and functionality.

What is the iPad Mini?

The iPad Mini is a compact and portable tablet computer developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It’s part of the larger iPad family but is distinguished by its smaller size and lightweight design. The iPad Mini is designed to offer a balance between the convenience of a smaller device and the capabilities of a full-fledged tablet. It features a touchscreen display, similar to other iPads, which allows users to interact with a variety of apps, browse the internet, read e-books, watch videos, and more.

The iPad Mini’s defining characteristic is its smaller form factor, making it highly portable and suitable for users who prioritize convenience while on the move. Despite its smaller size, the iPad Mini retains many features found in larger iPads, including high-resolution Retina displays, powerful processors for smooth performance, and compatibility with accessories like the Apple Pencil for note-taking and creative tasks. This combination of compact size and functionality has made the iPad Mini popular among users who seek a device that offers a balance between mobility and the capabilities of a full-sized tablet.

What is the size of an iPad Mini?

the iPad Mini comes in different generations, each with its own specifications. While dimensions and sizes may vary slightly between models, here is a general overview:

iPad Mini 6th Generation (2021): The latest iPad Mini model, the 6th generation, features a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display with narrow bezels. In terms of dimensions, it’s approximately 195.4 mm (7.69 inches) in height, 134.8 mm (5.31 inches) in width, and its thickness is around 6.3 mm (0.25 inches). The weight varies depending on the configuration (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular) but falls within the range of approximately 293-297 grams (10.34-10.48 ounces).

Previous iPad Mini Models: Earlier iPad Mini models might have slightly different dimensions. For instance, the 5th generation iPad Mini (2019) had dimensions of approximately 203.2 mm (8.0 inches) in height, 134.8 mm (5.31 inches) in width, and 6.1 mm (0.24 inches) in thickness. Its weight ranged from about 300-308 grams (10.56-10.86 ounces).

These dimensions highlight the compact nature of the iPad Mini, making it easy to hold with one hand and slip into bags or pockets. Despite its small size, the iPad Mini retains features found in larger iPad models, like high-quality displays, powerful processors, and support for accessories like the Apple Pencil.

Apple iPad Mini (6th Gen)

The 6th generation Apple iPad Mini has seen an exciting upgrade to Pro status. It is the perfect device for a customer who wants a highly advanced tablet that can be used for more than basic media consumption activities. The display is brighter and more vibrant than ever, using True Tone technology to adjust its colour temperature based on its surroundings. This technology ensures a comfortable viewing experience and reduces eye strain in all settings. The new Apple Pencil 2 and Smart Keyboard capabilities provide a professional level of creative control and productivity, making the iPad Mini Pro an ideal companion for business users or creative professionals looking for a powerful portable device.

The iPad Mini Pro has also seen performance improvements, with an A12 Bionic chip at its core powering intense graphics applications, complex tasks described by intelligent neural networks, and faster processing speeds across the board. The system also boasts longer battery life (up to 10 hours) so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice when work on the go. With improved cameras, enhanced audio options, dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and support for LTE Advanced gigabit-class networks – this device offers every premium feature imaginable in one compact package. The iPad Mini Pro is truly the ultimate mobile device for today’s power users.

Have there been changes in screen size between different generations of iPad Mini?

Yes, there have been changes in screen size between different generations of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini’s screen size has evolved over its various iterations as Apple has introduced new models with updated technology and design.

For instance, the 1st to 4th generation iPad Mini models featured a 7.9-inch screen. However, one of the more significant changes occurred with the 5th generation iPad Mini (2019), which introduced a larger 7.9-inch display compared to its predecessors. This increase in screen size provided a more immersive visual experience while maintaining the device’s compact form factor. Furthermore, the most recent 6th generation iPad Mini (2021) features a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display with reduced bezels, offering even more screen real estate for users to enjoy.

These changes in screen size reflect Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experience and embracing advancements in display technology. The larger screens enable users to engage more comfortably with content, whether it’s reading, browsing, gaming, or creative work. This evolution in screen size is aimed at striking a balance between portability and usability, allowing the iPad Mini to cater to a wider range of tasks and user preferences.

iPad vs iPad Mini: The ultimate face-off!

The iPad and iPad Mini are two of the most popular tablets available in 2023. Both devices offer a large, high-resolution display with plenty of features, but which one should you buy? The decision comes down to a few factors such as budget, size preference, and desired specs. For those seeking an affordable device with great performance, then the iPad might be the better choice. The iPad packs nearly all the power of full-size models into a compact package that is perfect for on-the-go use. With more memory and speed than many laptops or PC’s, the iPad is also ideal for productivity tasks like video editing and music production.

For added portability or if budget is an issue, then the iPad Mini may be a better alternative. Although not quite as powerful as an iPad, it still offers plenty of features including a decent display size for watching videos or playing games. Its smaller form factor makes it easier to fit into backpacks and purses while also offering lighter weight when traveling from place to place. Furthermore, since it has similar internals to the standard iPad, you can expect many of the same apps and use cases at a fraction of the cost.

Discover the incredible portability of the iPad Mini!

The iPad Mini is designed to be a highly portable tablet in Apple’s lineup. It has an 8.3-inch screen and is only 0.66 pounds, making it nearly half the weight of the standard iPad. This makes it much more comfortable to carry around than its larger cousins, and more suitable for those who are always on the move. The small form factor also means it isn’t too large to fit into pockets either – you can easily slip an iPad Mini into a coat or jacket pocket without feeling bulky when out and about.

Given that larger smartphones such as the iPhone XS Max have a maximum size of 9.7 inches, the iPad Mini offers a considerable boost in terms of display size, but with significant portability advantages too. With its powerful components and long battery life, the iPad Mini is an ideal device for anyone looking for the convenience of a mobile device, but with enough power for entertainment and productivity tasks alike.

Is there a significant difference in dimensions when comparing the iPad Mini to the iPad Air or iPad Pro?

Yes, there are notable differences in dimensions when comparing the iPad Mini to the larger iPad Air and iPad Pro models. These differences in size reflect varying design goals and target user experiences across Apple’s iPad lineup.

iPad Mini vs. iPad Air: The iPad Mini is significantly smaller than the iPad Air. While the exact dimensions may vary depending on the specific model and generation, the iPad Mini’s compact size, with its smaller height, width, and screen size, makes it incredibly portable and easy to hold with one hand. On the other hand, the iPad Air offers a larger form factor, typically featuring a screen size around 10.9 inches or more, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience. The iPad Air’s larger size provides more room for content creation, multitasking, and enjoying media. Additionally, the iPad Air may be slightly thicker than the iPad Mini due to the inclusion of more advanced hardware components.

iPad Mini vs. iPad Pro: Comparing the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro, the differences in dimensions are even more pronounced. The iPad Pro models come in larger sizes, typically with screen sizes of 11 inches or 12.9 inches. The iPad Pro’s larger display, especially in the 12.9-inch variant, is optimized for tasks demanding precision and creativity, such as graphic design, video editing, and professional content creation. Additionally, the iPad Pro models are often equipped with more advanced technologies like ProMotion displays and powerful processors, which contribute to their larger and slightly thicker profiles compared to the iPad Mini. While the iPad Mini is favored for its portability, the iPad Pro caters to users who require maximum performance and a larger canvas for their work.

In summary, the dimensions of the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro vary significantly, allowing each model to address different user needs, preferences, and use cases.

Is it recommended to purchase an iPad mini?

The iPad mini is a great choice for those looking for a relatively small tablet device that packs a lot of functionality into its slim design. With Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, USB-C port and compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2, it offers excellent performance for whatever tasks you have in mind. For those looking to get the latest and greatest, however, they should be aware that the current iPad mini model is close to the end of its product cycle. Apple tends not to update this particular device regularly, meaning that it could be two or more years before a new model is introduced.

What this means is that those who are particularly concerned with having the up-to-date hardware should eschew purchasing now and wait until a new version arrives in late 2023 or early 2024 when more power and perhaps newly enhanced features could arrive with the next refresh. It is likely to have similar design characteristics but will come with an updated processor and possibly some other minor changes such as camera improvements.


In conclusion, the iPad Mini is a great option for those looking for a portable and powerful tablet that offers excellent performance. It features a compact design with a screen size of 7.9 inches, making it small enough to be held in one hand yet still large enough to enjoy media and perform various tasks. Apple typically does not update this model frequently, so if staying on the cutting edge is important for you, then you may choose to wait until a newer model is released at the end of 2023 or early 2024.