Are All Apple Products Sold by Authorized Resellers Genuine?

Are All Apple Products Sold by Authorized Resellers Genuine?


When it comes to buying Apple products, there are certain considerations one must make in order to ensure that the product is genuine. This includes checking whether the product was purchased from an authorized reseller. Authorized resellers are Apple-approved establishments that are certified to sell genuine Apple products.

Apple Authorized Resellers

Apple Authorized Resellers are stores that have authorization from Apple to sell their products. This means that customers visiting one of these resellers can trust the quality of the products and any technical support offered. Not only does this ensure that customers receive the authentic product, but it also sparks some healthy competition and helps keep prices for Apple’s products in check.

Most authorized resellers provide an excellent customer service experience, which includes a variety of helpful features such as specialized installers, sales experts, and “try it before you buy it” services. Plus they often offer deals such as promotions and discounts – something you wouldn’t find at an official Apple store. That said, every retailer maintains their own policy on returning items so it’s best to check with the specific store should you wish to take advantage of any return options they offer.

Apple Stores vs. Resellers

Apple Stores are the physical locations where customers can buy and experience Apple products first-hand. Starting with a single store when Steve Jobs first unveiled them in 2001, Apple Stores now operate in 22 countries around the world, providing over 1.5 billion active customers with a place to gain tech support and try out the newest gadgets from their favorite brand. Although there are only 510 actual stores, Apple is still able to provide its services to customers unable to visit one of their physical stores through its program for authorized resellers.

These authorized resellers are retailers partnered with apple that provide official Apple products, often accompanied by personnel trained on the basics of each device and offering personalized advice or help finding the perfect product for you. Additionally, these stores may also offer an “Apple Shop” section in larger retail outlets such as B&H, Best Buy or Adorama which creates a miniature representation of an Apple Store experience similar to what customers would get when they visit one of their standalone shops. With this approach, even everyday shoppers can have access to the full range of products available from Apple without having to actually set foot inside an official store location.

Repair services

The Apple Store offers its customers the complete package when it comes to servicing their devices. Whether it’s setup help, software and hardware support, or troubleshooting, the helpful staff at Apple Stores make sure every customer gets the best experience possible. For products that are a bit too broken for a quick fix, the Apple Store can even provide on-site repair services.

If customers don’t have access to an Apple Store, they may visit an Apple Authorized Reseller for general product inquiries but without any direct support or repair services. Mailing items in for service is always an option but Best Buy presents another solution; as one of the largest partners for authorized repair services outside of the Apple Store, many of their locations provide dedicated sales and repairs services from knowledgeable staff members.

Why buy from an authorized reseller?

The advantages of buying from an authorized reseller like Power Mac Center are numerous. By directly partnering with big brands such as Apple, they provide a guarantee that their products are genuine and brand new. Unlike knockoffs or fake Apple products easily found in the market, there is no risk that your new products may have been tampered with or be defective. Furthermore, most of them also come with an official warranty sponsored by Apple itself – allowing you to receive professional assistance at any authorised service center if any issue arises.

Another big advantage of buying from authorized resellers is the device personalisation services they offer. From customised engraving to additional protection accessories for iPhones and iPads, customers can get what they need without having to go to any special stores – all presented under one roof. Such convenience provides a pleasant shopping experience minus the hassle from looking around multiple shops for unique items. This can also save time and energy (and money) for busy individuals who want both quality products and quick results without any delays.

Apple Store

The Apple Store is a chain of retail stores that was first opened in May 2001 by then-CEO Steve Jobs. It began as two locations and has since grown to 272 US locations and 253 overseas locations. Apple Stores sell an extensive selection of products including Mac personal computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, Apple Watch smartwatches, Apple TV digital media players, software, and accessories.

The idea to create the Apple Store came out of a need for improved retail presentation of the company’s products. Before opening up the actual stores, they had already attempted what was known as store-within-a-store concepts which were not successful. In 2000 Ron Johnson was hired to revamp their retail program in order to gain a better relationship with customers and this was when the initial plans for the Apple Stores were created eventually leading to their eventual success they have seen today.

Are All Apple Products Sold by Authorized Resellers Genuine?

In brief, yes: Authorized resellers provide products that are genuine and brand new, with an official warranty sponsored by Apple. Customers can trust that the products they are buying are not knock-offs or have any tampering. Furthermore, customers will have access to personalized services such as custom engravings and additional protection accessories for iPhones and iPads. However, it should be noted that authorized resellers do not provide direct support or repair services like those available at an Apple Store.