When is the new iMac coming out in 2023?

When is the new iMac coming out in 2023?


Excitement is building as Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the new iMac in 2023. Discover the latest rumors, specifications, and potential launch dates for this highly anticipated device in our comprehensive article.


The design of the new larger iMac model is sure to be sleek and modern. Apple plans to slim down the display bezels, giving it a much more compact and streamlined look. Furthermore, the chin will be significantly reduced in size and the iMac will have a uniform thickness throughout. As a result of this reimagining, the weight has been drastically reduced from its predecessor – nearly 20 pounds lighter than previous 27-inch models.

The second aspect of this new design would depend on which processor is used. With Pro or Max processor types, customers can expect either space gray or silver with black bezels as color options. If the iMac contains an M-series processor, then there will be a multitude of color choices available ranging from pastel blues to glossy pinks with an accompanying off-white bezel around it. Apple has already stopped manufacturing space gray Magic accessories to accompany their 2021 iMac Pro line, so potential buyers should take that into consideration when making their final decision.


As Apple is gearing up to launch a new iMac, rumors have been circulating about the size of the display. Early reports suggested that the tech giant could increase the display size by shrinking the bezels around it. This would provide users with a screen size of either 30 inches or 32 inches, which is comparable to Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Other rumors suggest that Apple may go with a 27-inch display instead, which would still provide a decent amount of screen real estate but require less bezel shrinkage.

The type of display technology used on the new iMac will largely depend on which processor Apple decides to implement. An iMac Pro model might include features like ProMotion, mini-LED, and higher pixel density while more budget models may instead feature technologies tailored to achieve cost savings in order to meet price points sought by consumers. Either way, fans are sure to see some impressive innovations built into any machine released by Apple this year.


The new iMac from Apple offers a range of processor options for customers. The company could use M3 Pro and Max processors, depending on whether it is a basic iMac refresh or an iMac Pro update. Customers will then have the choice between several processors when they configure their machines, such as the M2 Pro which has a 10-core CPU with a 16-core GPU, or the M2 Max which has a 12-core CPU with a 30-core GPU. Apple’s sleek designs may be envy-inducing, but don’t expect discrete graphics cards like those found in Intel models. Users utilize the integrated graphics in the M-series processors, which are sufficient for the majority of applications.

Overall, this gives customers plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right processor to power their machine. With powerful CPUs and GPUs as well as integrated graphics support, iMac users can expect good performance regardless of which processor they decide on. With such varied choices available for selecting the best combination for your needs, customers have access to both affordability and power that may not be available through other competing systems.

Webcam and Ports

The Apple iMac is about to get even better with the upcoming 2021 models. With calls and video conferences becoming increasingly more popular, the new iMacs are expected to come equipped with a 1080p webcam. Moreover, the previously iPad exclusive feature Center Stage may also make its way into the new iMacs. The feature has an ultra-wide selfie camera that tracks the user’s face and expands when someone else enters the frame.

Apart from a better video calling experience, what ports could be included in these upcoming iMac models is still unclear. Some rumors suggest that these models could come with two Thunderbolt 4 ports for accessories such as external GPUs or displays albeit this has not been confirmed by Apple yet. Nonetheless, soon enough users will be able to discover where Apple has decided to go with its port selections for the new 2021 iMacs.

New iMac coming soon, with pricing info

The new iMac is set to make a big splash later this year, with rumors placing an M3-powered 32-inch model arriving in the late part of 2024. This could be one of the biggest updates to the popular desktop computer in recent years. Meanwhile, Apple might look at updating the 24-inch version before that, possibly in 2023.

The current 24-inch iMac base model starts at £1,00, while the Intel-based 27-inch iMac retails for £1,499 or higher. Speculation suggests that should an M3 processor make its way into the range, a much pricier Pro model could be positioned at around £1,599 leaving open the possibility of a base model costing as much as nearly $3,000 given the expected processor and display specs. It’s no surprise then that consumers are looking forward to seeing what benefits this next generation of iMac will bring.

Which M-series chip?

The new Apple Silicon M-Series chip is expected to power the upcoming iMacs and will bring even more powerful performance than before. Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac first reported that Apple was working on an M3 chip for the next-gen iMac, and that expectation was corroborated by another independent source. At WWDC this year, a preview of the M3 chip was shown before the upcoming release of the new iMac, similar to how the M2 chip was unveiled last year.

The use of an M-series chip in these updated iMacs will revolutionize them, significantly increasing their performance. Not only could we see all new features for heavy tasks such as gaming or video editing with this advanced processor, but also everyday computing tasks like web browsing and word processing should be much faster and smoother. It’s no wonder that people are eagerly anticipating what Apple will show off this June!