When does the new iPad come out in 2023?

When does the new iPad come out in 2023?


The release of new iPads is an eagerly anticipated event for Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. Let’s delve into the latest information and speculations surrounding the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPad models.

Apple 14-inch iPad 2024

Rumors have been circulating that Apple is planning the release of a 14-inch iPad sometime in 2024, and while we now know that there are no such plans in the short-term product pipeline, it has not stopped us from speculating what this device could look like and what features it may possess. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has outlined several drawbacks that make the current timing for a giant iPad release far from ideal: namely, it could decrease momentum for Mac devices; OLED screens could lead to a higher price point; and there are certain limitations related to OLED technology itself.

Given this information, we can infer that if and when Apple decides to launch this larger iPad model, they will need to seriously consider these various factors. Until then, all we can do is patiently wait until they make an official announcement regarding any news and updates about their plans for a 14-inch iPad. Time will tell when (or if) such a device finally sees the light of day.

Is there a possibility of a 14-inch iPad Pro being released?

Rumours of a larger iPad have been circulating for several months now. The first hint of a 14-inch iPad Pro surfaced back in June 2021, when Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hinted at Apple considering making them with larger displays. This was followed up by another leaker, Majin Bu, who posted that an even bigger version was in development.

More recently, analysts such as Ross Young have suggested that the 14.1-inch version of the iPad Pro could be released as early as early 2023, but this is now looking less likely according to reports from late December 2022. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Apple, many are speculating about what features could come with such a large tablet. One thing is for sure – if Apple does decide to release it in the near future, it would certainly be one of the talk topics in technology circles.

Get ready! The highly anticipated release of the new iPad Pro (M3 version) is just around the corner.

The latest rumors all point to the possibility of a new iPad Pro with an M3 chip being released some time during 2024. According to Mark Gurman from January 2023, there will be no major updates coming to the iPad until at least 2023 and the iPad Pro won’t be getting any changes this year. It is believed that the new model could incorporate a 14-inch model along side the 11- and 12-inch models or potentially replace one of the other options.

Historically looking back at Apple’s launch windows from earlier models can help us gain some insight into when Apple may announce their upcoming iPad Pro. The 6th generation 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro were both debuted in October of 2022, which was three years after the initial release of their predecessors. With this in mind, it seems likely that they would follow a similar timeline for their M3 iPad Pro release – releasing within three years of its original launch window sometime in 2024.

What’s the scoop on the mind-blowing price tag of the futuristic 2024 iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro is Apple’s flagship tablet device and is designed to provide users with a powerful computing experience. It comes in two different sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch. The prices for each model of the 2022 iPad Pro range currently start at $799/£899 for the 11-inch Wi-Fi version, and $1,299/£1,429 for the 12.9-inch Cellular version.

It is difficult to predict how much the 2024 iPad Pro might cost as this will depend on Apple’s plans for the device. However, there has been speculation that we might see an even larger 14-inch Pro model introduced in 2024, which could lead to a price increase at the top of the range. If this does happen then we can expect the new iPad Pro 14-inch to be more expensive than the current models with an estimated starting price of more than $1,299/£1,429

Could the iPad Pro be getting a mind-blowing mini-LED screen in the near future?

The new iPad Pro display has been hotly debated since June 2022.

According to renowned analyst Ross Young, the initial prediction was that the 14-inch iPad Pro would have a mini-LED screen similar to the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Surprising plot twist: just when you thought the larger iPad would have a fancy display, it’s actually rocking a standard LED panel for some cost-effectiveness! This sparked further debate with some predicting Apple will switch their entire tablet line to OLED by 2024 in order to compete with other tablets on the market. According to Gurman’s January 2023 report this is exactly what Apple will do, although he admits it has not been officially confirmed by them yet.

At this stage, Apple has not announced crictically which technology and materials they’ll use for the upcoming iPad pro range apart from likely switching to an OLED screen by 2024. Considering how successful the current mini LED models have been it is possible Apple may choose to stick with this technology in either part or all of their forthcoming products depending on its production costs and availability. It seems as if fans of the iPad Pro range must await such crucial data points because only then they’ll know what type of display they should expect on their favourite devices come 2024.

Get ready to be blown away by the mind-blowing and game-changing features of the 2024 iPad Pro!

The upcoming 2024 iPad Pro is rumoured to boast some pretty powerful features, leading a lot of people to speculate what kind of specs we can expect from it. Analyst941 suggested that the new iPad Pro will have support for up to two 6K monitors running at 60Hz, but their predictions were later thrown into doubt after an alleged sting operation stopped their leaks. It seems more likely that Apple would stick with the M2 processor for their 14-inch model due to its thin and finless design, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini could accommodate a higher powered M3 Pro chip. A tweet by Majin Bu in June 2022 stated that the 14-inch iPad Pro may come with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of base storage as well as an M2 processor.

Given these predictions, it looks like the new 2024 iPad Pro will offer significantly more power than its predecessor and offer multi-monitor support too. With such robust specs, this could turn out to be one of Apple’s most powerful devices yet, although this is all still highly speculative at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see what updates they make when they release the new iPad Pro!

The possibility of an 11th-Generation iPad is uncertain

The introduction of the 10th-generation iPad last year has caused some speculation surrounding what will happen with the 11th-generation model. Speculation points to an A15 Bionic chip upgrade for the device, given the fact that each generation since the eighth-generation light prefers an upgraded chip. This could be justified by other upgrades such as second-generation Apple Pencil support, as well as newer chipsets, yet it remains to be seen how else this new version of the device would differentiate from its predecessor.

Current offerings from Apple make it appear that it will be selling both 9th and 10th generations simultaneously, which could signal a previous release at a significantly lower price point. It’s hard to predict exactly how much a future iPad could cost and whether Apple will opt to maintain current prices or look at more advantageous options for consumers. Regardless, another update providing further differentiation and additional features is expected later this year.