What to do with old iPad?


As technology advances, your faithful old iPad might find itself relegated to the back of a drawer. However, don’t let it gather dust! In this article, we explore three creative avenues to breathe new life into your aging device—repurposing it for unique tasks, responsibly recycling it, or considering trade-in and renewal options.

What are some options for dealing with an old iPad?

Certainly, there are several ways to make the most of your old iPad instead of letting it sit unused. Here’s a detailed guide on what you can do:

  1. Repurpose and Reuse:
    • Digital Photo Frame: Turn your old iPad into a stylish digital photo frame that displays a slideshow of your favorite memories. There are apps available that allow you to select images and set the display duration. Place it on a stand or mount it on a wall for a personalized touch.
    • Kitchen Helper: Transform your iPad into a recipe book, cooking assistant, or even a virtual whiteboard for noting down grocery lists. This way, it can become an essential part of your kitchen, keeping your recipes and shopping organized.
    • E-Reader: Install e-reader apps like Kindle, Apple Books, or other eBook platforms to use your iPad as a dedicated e-reader. It’s a great way to carry your library with you, and the larger screen can provide a better reading experience.
    • Home Control Hub: The iPad has the capability to control various smart home devices, including lights, thermostats, and security cameras. Many smart home apps offer iPad compatibility, allowing you to conveniently manage your connected devices from a central hub.
  2. Educational and Creative Uses:
    • Learning Tool: Donate your old iPad to a school, library, or community center where it can be used by students for educational purposes. Many educational apps and interactive learning materials are available, making the iPad a valuable tool for learning.
    • Digital Art Canvas: If you have a creative flair, repurpose your iPad into a digital art canvas using apps like Procreate or Adobe Fresco. The touch-sensitive screen can provide a unique and intuitive way to explore your artistic talents.
    • Music Station: Use your iPad as a dedicated music station, loaded with apps for playing instruments, creating music, and even recording your own tracks. Connect it to external speakers for an enhanced audio experience.
  3. Responsible Disposal and Recycling:
    • Apple Recycling Program: Apple offers a recycling program where you can trade in your old iPad for credit towards a new purchase. If the device is no longer functional, they can still recycle it responsibly.
    • Local Electronics Recycling: Check with your local recycling centers or electronics stores for proper e-waste disposal options. They can guide you on how to dispose of your iPad in an environmentally friendly manner.
    • Donation: Consider donating your old iPad to charities, nonprofits, or organizations that can refurbish it and distribute it to those in need. This can have a positive impact on education, accessibility, and digital inclusion.
  4. Renewal and Trade-In:
    • Upgrade Offer: If you’re looking to get a new iPad, many retailers and manufacturers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old device for a discount on the new one.
    • Sell Online: If your iPad is in good condition, you can sell it through online marketplaces or platforms dedicated to buying and selling electronics. This way, someone else can benefit from its functionality.

Remember that the best option depends on your preferences and the condition of your old iPad. Whether you choose to repurpose it, recycle it responsibly, donate it, or trade it in, you’re contributing to its extended utility and minimizing its impact on the environment.

An older model iPad can function well as an ebook reader

An old iPad is still a great ebook reader even though its technology may be a few years behind the latest and greatest. You can take advantage of that crisp, vibrant Retina display to experience your favorite books in full clarity. Whether you’re reading books from Apple’s Books app or Amazon’s Kindle software, there are also third-party apps available today like Google Play Books & Audiobooks, Good Reads, Scribd and more for you to browse and download electronic books on your iPad. In addition to transferring PDF files from your computer, these websites also let you download free ebooks so that you can have access to a large variety of material within the reach of your fingertips.

If books aren’t really your thing, or you need a break from them every now and then, comics are another great option for an old iPad since it allows for perfect rendering on its Retina display. To get started all you need are some dedicated comic book reader apps which accommodate the wide selection of comics already available today. Then let yourself be transported into a world of adventure with beautiful graphics in the palm of your hands. An old iPad is truly still an amazing ebook reader all these years later!

An old iPad can be well-suited for children

Having an old iPad is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the world of technology. Not only can they take advantage of fun, educational apps, but a hand-me-down iPad can also be used as a responsibility lesson. Educating younger children on how to care for their device and respect it as a valuable tool allows them to grasp the concept of responsibility and ownership.

An old iPad can turn into hours of entertainment for kids. Kids will love being able to switch between interactive games, watching YouTube Kids or their favorite Netflix show on the device itself. You could even download some of the latest visual programming software with Apple Pencil support that can make coding and computer science concepts enjoyable for little ones! Whatever their interest may be, you’ll find something suitable from the app store that appeals to your kid’s interests. And since it’s an old device, there’s no need to worry about expensive repairs in case things go wrong!

Are there ways to prolong the life of the iPad through software updates or maintenance?

Absolutely, there are several ways to extend the lifespan of your iPad through software updates and maintenance practices. These steps can enhance performance, security, and overall usability, allowing you to get more value out of your device over time.

Regular Software Updates: One of the most effective ways to prolong your iPad’s life is by keeping its software up to date. Apple regularly releases software updates that include bug fixes, performance improvements, and security enhancements. These updates not only optimize the device’s performance but also ensure that it remains compatible with the latest apps and features. By installing these updates, you can prevent potential vulnerabilities and ensure a smoother user experience. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPad, tap on “General,” and then select “Software Update” to check for and install the latest available updates.

Optimize Storage and Usage: Managing your iPad’s storage and usage habits can significantly impact its longevity. Clearing out unnecessary files, apps, and media can free up space and improve overall performance. Regularly review your app usage and delete apps you no longer need. Additionally, avoid overloading your device with too many apps running simultaneously, as this can strain its resources. Taking care not to fill up the device’s storage to the brim can also prevent performance slowdowns. Furthermore, consider managing background app refresh and notifications to conserve battery life and reduce strain on the system.

By adopting these practices, you can ensure that your iPad remains functional, secure, and efficient for a longer period of time, making the most of your investment and reducing the need for premature replacement.