What Are Some Useful Laptop Hacks and Tricks?

What Are Some Useful Laptop Hacks and Tricks?


Laptops are an invaluable tool for work, school and personal use. But with so many features and functions, it can be hard to keep up with all the ways you can maximize the potential of your laptop. Fortunately, there are a few simple hacks and tricks that can help you make the most of your laptop’s capabilities. From optimizing battery life to improving user experience.

1. Clean your files

Cleaning out your laptop once in a while is essential for keeping it running efficiently and saving much-needed storage space. There are simple steps you can take to spring clean your files and apps.

Start by organizing your documents into folders within the same folder structure. This will make it much easier to find things when you need them, and stop your file system from becoming an unmanageable jumble of files. Once you’ve sorted out the existing files, they should be backed up securely somewhere outside of your computer in case anything ever goes wrong.

Next, go through all the apps installed on your device to get rid of any that you’re no longer using or haven’t been used since a recent update. If there’s an app that isn’t serving a purpose anymore then delete it – this can free up more than enough storage space and make room for other apps you actually use regularly. After getting rid of these outdated programs, a good anti-malware program should then be installed which catches any software that may be maliciously consuming resources or draining battery power behind the scenes. Finally, clear out any unnecessary images or screenshots as this can quickly deplete disk space over time without you realizing it!

2. Clean Your Laptop’s Exterior

When you think about laptop care, cleaning the exterior is often neglected. Over time, dust and oil from our hands can settle onto the screen and surrounding surfaces of your laptop, making it look rather grimy. However, luckily for us, it doesn’t take too much work or effort to give your device a nice makeover! All you need to do is dedicate a few minutes to cleaning the outside of your laptop once a month.

When it comes to actually cleaning your screen, you want to be sure of what you’re using. If your laptop has a glass display panel then you can use Windex directly on the surface without worry. On the other hand if it’s not made out of glass you will have to go carefully; in this case using a mixture of water and dish soap is advised as it won’t cause any damage but will still be able clean effectively. Never spray or apply anything directly onto the panel as this might result in permanent damage that’s difficult to undo!

3. Add More RAM

If you’ve been struggling with a slow laptop, it doesn’t always mean you need to invest in a new model. Adding RAM to your device can make all the difference in improving its processing speed and getting back to optimal performance. Depending on your preferences and what type of RAM suits your laptop, the cost can range from £10-£200. This means adding more RAM can be an inexpensive way to upgrade your device, and you won’t have to drain your wallet for a full-out replacement.

When deciding on which RAM you need for your laptop, it’s important that you understand which specifications are best suited for yours. The amount of RAM will determine the overall performance it reaches so take some time to research what works best with your particular laptop brand or model. There are plenty of online guides and tutorials available as well as reviews from people who have used this upgrade method successfully, so make sure to do thorough research beforehand. With just a simple addition, you could be seeing much better results with your laptop’s processing speed in no time!

4. Update Your Operating System

It’s important to make sure you keep your laptop’s operating system up-to-date. Operating system updates are designed to improve the performance of your laptop, fix bugs and add new features that can make using it more enjoyable. If you haven’t received any notification about available updates, this doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any – so it’s worthwhile checking from time to time in your device’s settings. The process of doing this varies depending on make and model, but giving “update” into the relevant search bar should give helpful results.

The advantages of updating your laptop’s operating system regularly include battery life improvements, increased stability and bug fixes that can prevent crashes or other annoying issues. You might also get new features in the update that could replace outdated ones, allowing you to take full advantage of modern hardware and software solutions. Moreover, some apps may require a certain version of the OS before they can be installed or used correctly – which is another good reason to make sure you’re always running an up-to-date operation system!

5. Buy a Laptop Cover

If you’re looking for a way to give your laptop a bit more personality and style, buying a laptop cover can be the perfect solution. Not only does it add a splash of color to your device (because let’s face it, most laptops come in just three colors: black, gray or white), but it also covers any cosmetic imperfections from scratches and chips that may have happened over time. Plus, adding an extra layer of protection means your laptop is more likely to stay looking brand new plus retain its value should you decide to sell it in the future.

Shopping around for the right case can often be overwhelming so you want to make sure you pick one that suits your style and complements the rest of your look. You could opt for convenience and buy something from Amazon, or if you’re looking for something truly special and unique, then Etsy might have what you need. With hundreds of stylish designs available you can get as creative as you like – so why not find something that expresses who you are? After all, your laptop case doesn’t just protect your device; it reflects who you are as well!

6. Clean the Fan

It is essential to keep your laptop’s fan free of dust, as this can decrease the performance of your device by causing overheating issues. Poor ventilation can lead to damage and even shorten the life span of certain parts inside your laptop. So if you’ve noticed that your laptop is becoming uncomfortably hot, it might be time that you consider cleaning the fan.

Depending on the model of your laptop, there will be different ways or methods in which to access and clean the fan assembly safely and properly. Researching how to remove and clean a fan for your specific device is usually recommended so that all safety precautions are taken into consideration. This may include switching off power supplies, disconnecting any cables connected, grounding yourself from electric shock, and taking anti-static measures when dealing with delicate components such as fans. All magnets or screws must be properly re-installed following the cleaning procedure in order for it to function correctly as well.

7. Tweak your mouse settings

One of the most basic yet effective ways to ensure you are maximizing your productivity and efficiency when using your computer is to tweak your mouse settings. With simple adjustments, you can greatly improve your navigation, accuracy and speed while performing daily tasks. Depending on the type of mouse you have, there will be different ways that one can go about customizing their settings. To begin with, you will want to find the “settings” or “preferences” section for your device. By adjusting certain parameters in here such as a pointer speed or acceleration rate, it can work wonders for increasing how quickly and accurately you perform certain mouse-based activities.

Another trick to improve performance is to modify the exact responsiveness of movement from your mouse cursor. When transitioning from window-to-window or scrolling through a web page, modifying the smoothness or jerkiness of the latter will further optimize for more precision. Additionally, depending on the size of what you’re working with and/or viewing online, changing the size or zoom level of your mouse cursor itself may also prove beneficial in making sure all actions are performed precisely as desired. In any case, by putting some time into customizing and testing out options that suit each individual’s preference.

8. Switch to SSD

Replacing your laptop’s hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD) is a great way to improve the performance of your device. As computers get older, their hard drives can become bogged down by data and can eventually slow down the entire system. An SSD is a much faster and more efficient solution, as it can take your laptop from plodding speeds to near-instant file transfers. Before you decide on whether to make the jump however, you will want to check what kind of hard drive you currently have installed in your laptop; many modern machines already contain an SSD so this might not be necessary.

Fortunately, SSDs are reasonably priced and easy to install. You can find reliable models for around £70 depending on storage capacity, read speed, and brand. If you decide that you want to install the SSD yourself, there are plenty of resources available online including tutorials and specific instructions for your particular laptop model. It’s important that you do extensive research before starting as improper installation may lead to costly mistakes or even permanent damage to the device. However if it all seems too intimidating then feel free to contact a specialist; they should be able to help out in no time at all!


In conclusion, there are plenty of useful tricks and hacks for laptop users to help optimize performance, increase efficiency, and generally improve their overall technical experience. From tweaking your mouse settings to switching out your hard drive for an SSD, these simple measures can make a marked difference in how you interact with your device. With the right knowledge and resources, anyone can quickly get up to speed on how to maintain and modify their laptop.