Is the New Macbook pro 13 with Touchbar worth the Money?

Is the New Macbook pro 13 with Touchbar worth the Money?


The new Macbook pro 13 with Touchbar is one of the latest and most expensive Apple products to hit the market. With a hefty price tag, it begs the question: Is it worth the money? This article will explore all aspects of this laptop, from its features and specs to its cost and value for money in order to help you decide if it’s worth investing in.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Touch Bar

The next generation of MacBook Pro 13, released in 2022, is sure to impress with its performance. With a score of 8689 on Cinebench R23’s multi core benchmark, it is clearly designed to handle even complex workloads and provide excellent performance. It also fared quite well on the Cinebench R23 single core test at 1584, proving itself capable of working efficiently. This strength holds true when looped for 30 minutes as well, achieving a score of 8725.

Similarly phenomenal results were achieved on Geekbench 5.3’s CPU multi and single-core tests too; with scores of 8968 and 1937 respectively. The OpenCL/Compute score meanwhile stood at an impressive 27496 on the same benchmark – a good indication that its strengths lie in graphics-intensive tasks and games. To further prove this point, the 13 inch version was able to achieve a respectable 29fps on SotTR’s 1920 x 1200 highest settings benchmark too – a great feat for its size! Finally, its Puget Bench for Premiere Pro score of 556 revealed that it will be more than capable for video editing tasks as well. All evidence points towards the fact that this MacBook Pro 13 is ready to dominate

Define Apple Touch Bar

Apple’s Touch Bar was an ambitious project when it was first unveiled on the 2016 MacBook Pro. Not only did it feature a thin OLED strip that featured touch capability, it also replaced static function keys and offered new ways to adjust volume and access tools in programs. Despite its potential, though, the public reaction to this new technology was lukewarm at best. Some saw it as just another expensive item with no practical purpose while others weren’t impressed by how many app makers were ignoring the dynamic functionality entirely.

The Touch Bar has certainly improved since then with more compatible apps being developed for the device. Plus, there are now plenty of helpful guides available online showing users how to make the most out of their Touch Bar experience. Still, a lot of the initial criticism still stands today so at least for now it looks like the jury is still out when it comes to Apple’s revolutionary new technology.

Touch Bar in MacBook pro13

The new Apple Macbook Pro has a great keyboard and Touch Bar. This feature has been incorporated since the previous generation, making it the only model in their lineup to boast this touchscreen strip. The Touch Bar has multiple functions, such as predicting words and email addresses in relevant applications and showing thumbnails of open web pages in Safari. To address an issue of constant accidental brushing, Apple made the Touch Bar shorter and included a physical Esc key at its side.

Although some may begrudge this feature, I find it extremely helpful and intuitive when completing everyday tasks on my 13-inch MacBook pro; I don’t have to rely too heavily on pointing devices for simple tasks such as word prediction or checking multiple webpages at once. If you’re looking for a laptop that offers its users something more than the traditional function keys, then the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 13-inch is no doubt worth your consideration.

What is the functionality of the Touch Bar?

The Touch Bar is a thin OLED strip that sits at the top of the Apple MacBook Pro touchscreen keyboard. It’s a unique feature that’s designed to quickly provide shortcuts to helpful tools and functions so users can more easily navigate their Mac computer. The Touch Bar adjusts to the active app in real-time. For example, when Safari is open it will show navigation bar functions such as buttons for back, forward, new tab, and more. When using Finder, the file explorer on a Mac computer, various icons including Quick Look, tag options, and the Share Sheet will be accessible.

Reaching up and touching the display of your computer can be cumbersome since it requires lifting up your hand from the keyboard. Fortunately, because of its location above the keyboard keys on a MacBook Pro device with a Touch Bar it’s now easier than ever to access these features. There’s also a Control Strip that remains in place in the right corner of the Touch Bar – providing quick access to utilities like Siri integration, brightness control, sound volume slider, and mute button. All of these items within this Control Strip section can also be edited individually and replaced with other controls if desired.

An overview of the positive aspects of the Touch Bar

The Touch Bar built into the Apple MacBook Pro is a great piece of hardware technology. The capacitive touchscreen’s responsiveness is supported by Apple software, ensuring accuracy in responding to finger taps. I personally find that with the gestures I use, such as scrolling or pressing buttons, I seldom hit the wrong button. Additionally, the feedback produced from each tap is satisfying and attention-grabbing while the animations and operation are smooth enough to make me want to keep using it.

As a user-friendly interface, this bar has plenty of flexibility when it comes to customizing your experience. You can easily switch between different applications and too many commonly used system settings with a few clicks allowing you to always have full control over your tasks at hand. Tying into this customizability is an immense amount of options when it comes to which programs you utilize; some are available right out of the box while others offer downloads so that you can tailor exactly how you use this bar for what suits you best. All in all, this makes for an incredibly versatile way to interact with your computer making user tasks unbelievably easy no matter what activities they are participating in.


In conclusion, the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro 13-inch model is certainly worth the money if you are looking for a laptop that has more to offer than just traditional function keys. The Touch Bar offers quick shortcuts to helpful tools and functions, allowing users to more easily navigate their Mac computer. It’s also highly customizable, allowing users to tailor its usage to their needs. Additionally, it provides a responsive and user-friendly interface with plenty of options when it comes to programs and applications. Therefore, for those who need an intuitive and efficient way to interact with their laptop, the Touch Bar is definitely worth investing in.