Is iMac Good Value?

Is iMac Good Value?


The iMac is a popular all-in-one desktop computer from Apple. It has been around for over two decades and has become one of the most recognizable pieces of hardware in the world. For those who are shopping for a new computer, the question of whether an iMac is good value is an important one. This article will explore why an iMac may be worth your money, as well as some factors to consider when making this decision.

What’s an iMac for?

The Apple iMac has become an increasingly important and popular member of the Apple product family. It may represent only a fraction of Mac and device sales, but it still makes up a large part of Apple’s overall annual revenues, making it essential to their success. The distinctive look provided by the large display and simple aluminum exterior make it stand out from other conventional devices, drawing users towards its unique value proposition. While previously the iMac had generally been aimed at being an all-in-one home computer for everyone, nowadays Apple’s messaging has shifted to concentrate on specific use cases where there is particularly strong demand for this type of device.

This includes in corporate settings where desktops are still seen as excellent value and crucial for certain tasks, or in retail kiosks, as well as in shared home situations where one main desktop is needed between several people. As such the iMac is still an indispensable item for many different scenarios, allowing users to benefit from its impressive specifications without requiring too much effort when setting it up and managing software updates etc. Certainly it retains all of the elegance that characterises all of Apple’s products while continuing to be a viable solution for those needing a full desktop experience in their work.

Is the 24in iMac worth buying?

The 24-inch iMacs from Apple are an excellent choice when it comes to purchasing a powerful and secure Mac. There are two options to consider: the entry-level model with 8-core CPU with 7-Core GPU, two USB 4/Thunderbolt ports and a Magic Keyboard with Lock Key for £1,249 or the more expensive model with 8-core CPU with 8-Core GPU, two USB 4/Thunderbolt ports and two USB 3 ports (which will take those old USB A cables) and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for £1,449.

The main difference between the cheaper and more expensive models is the number of graphic processing units (GPU). The more expensive model has one GPU extra which allows it to perform graphics intensive applications such as gaming or video editing slightly better than its less expensive counterpart. In our tests we could see that this additional GPU does make a noticeable difference in performance so it may be worth opting for the pricier model if you use your computer for graphics intensive activities.

Is it worth considering purchasing the 27in iMac?

Before making the decision to purchase a 27-inch iMac, it is important to consider all factors before finalizing your choice. The 27-inch iMac is designed for pro-users, offering an impressive 5K Retina display and the latest Intel processors. Despite its high performance capabilities that can cater even to power users’ needs, its release might come with a hefty price tag. The alternative 24-inch iMac model is cheaper and powered by the M1 chip which offers far superior performance compared to previous Intel models.

However, reports have surfaced that Apple may be releasing an upgraded version of the 27in iMac in March 2022 which means one should consider holding off on their purchase until then since this could bring higher specs at lower prices. Those who wish to invest into the current model should understand that it might become outdated soon and its value will drop drastically once the upgraded version comes out. Weighing these options carefully is essential before buying either model, as they both offer great performance depending on each user’s individual needs.

Which iMac is best?

When it comes to buying an iMac, there are several aspects you should consider. Firstly, depending on your budget and needs, you might want to explore purchasing a discontinued 21.5in or 27in iMac at a discount as this could maximize what you get for your money. However, bear in mind that these Intel-powered Macs may not be as future proofed as those with Apple silicon.

Secondly, if you’re looking out for the best deals on iMacs, some of the models no longer sold by Apple may offer great discounts that mean it could be worth the risk to purchase them. Whilst being aware that their resale value may depreciate quickly if you have any plans to sell them on later, they could be suitable options for those who don’t have unlimited budgets. As an example, one can acquire a discontinued model that includes discrete graphics and a reasonably powerful Intel processor for a price lower than that of the 24-inch iMac.


The Apple iMac has been the iconic all-in-one desktop since its release in 2007, but over the years it had become increasingly outdated when compared to other devices. Its design had hardly changed since 2009, and with competitors like Microsoft and Lenovo exploring exciting new possibilities for the form factor, it was becoming a missed opportunity. Recognizing this, Apple made some of the most dramatic changes to its design in recent history, introducing seven completely different colors for consumers to choose from as well as giving the device an overall modern makeover.

The refreshingly bold redesign takes full advantage of modern aesthetics while still managing to maintain that iconic Apple look — it’s recognizably an iMac, but new enough that it looks radically different from any of its predecessors. Designers have also increased its production quality and efficiency by using even more environmentally sound materials than ever before. It’s clear Apple was intent on breaking away from the dated design established over a decade ago and are now firmly looking towards the future.


The iMac (24-inch, 2021) has a substantially improved webcam compared to the 21.5-inch previous model. It offers a 1080p FaceTime camera, as well as a larger sensor for better performance in low light situations. To further improve image quality, there is an advanced image signal processor (ISP) feature of the M1 chip included that boosts image quality for an excellent result from the all-in-one built-in webcam and microphone setup. There is an impressive clarity to both the visuals and audio along with accurate color representation and almost zero lag when in use.

Given how many people are now working remotely at home, this improved webcam offers a great solution for smooth video calls with friends, colleagues or family over Zoom, Skype or any other platform. People are relying hugely on video conferencing right now to stay in touch and the iMac’s excellent webcam and microphone setup make it easier than ever to both look good and sound great while doing so. For these reasons alone, it is certainly worth checking out if you’re in need of such a setup in your home office environment.

The performance of the M1 Chip remains impressive

The M1 chip, found on many Apple products including the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and the iMac, is still a viable processor to this day. Since its introduction in 2020, there have been subsequent developments like the addition of an M1 Pro or even an M2 chip. But when it comes to performance the M1 still holds up against them all – proving its worth as a mainstream processor.

The tests show that even though the newer chips offer slight improvements in regards to CPU and GPU performance, the M1 won’t be far behind. This means users can continue relying on their iMacs for what they love doing with it and get exceptional results without dropping huge amounts of cash for machine upgrades. In fact, even Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs decided to replace his Mac Pro with his own Apple silicon iMac as he was impressed with its performance capabilities. Therefore, it is safe to say that the M1 chip still stands up to today’s standards and offers great value for money.

The M1 iMac has it all

The M1 iMac truly is a great value for any user looking for an all-in-one computer. It offers the convenience of being able to buy and use one device that has all the hardware components already included. Rather than needing to piece together different components and keeping track of various cables, purchasers of the iMac can start using it immediately upon unboxing. With a display, a computer, microphones, speakers, a FaceTime camera, a mouse, and a keyboard included in every purchase, users know exactly what they’re getting.

Furthermore, when comparing prices between the M1 iMac and the Mac mini with its single speaker setup – the value of an iMac becomes clear. Despite providing much less hardware than the Mac mini does compared to the iMac’s six pieces out of box – additional purchases may be necessary to make full usage out of both computers. The convenience and assurance that come with buying an all-in-one M1 iMac make it ultimately worth every extra penny spent on it.

M1 iMac is a great deal

The M1 iMac is a fantastic piece of hardware at an unbelievably affordable price. For just £10,60, you get a powerhouse computer that packs incredible performance and surprisingly great audio and visuals in an incredibly thin form factor. It comes standard with a 1080p FaceTime camera and powerful speakers that are more than capable for home use. Plus, the design stands out on any desk with its slim profile and bold colors. What’s more, you can even find it discounted with deals available from online stores such as,  Amazon or Best Buy. In addition, there are higher-priced variations of the M1 iMac that offer increased storage, additional ports, and even the convenience of Touch ID support.

So no matter your budget or needs, there is surely an M1 iMac model to fit both without having to break the bank. With the latest Apple silicon technology packed into such an attractive machine at a reasonable price, it’s no wonder why so many tech enthusiasts have been raving about this amazing device since its release.

Graphics and games

The latest Apple iMac 2021 is a great all-rounder, with its 4.5K Retina Display, powerful M1 processor, and 16GB of RAM. However when it comes to gaming performance the iMac falls short in comparison to similarly spaced dedicated gaming machines. Even with its respectable specs the iMac was unable to perform well in our 3D game benchmarks; during our Rise of the Tomb Raider test it only averaged 18.93 frames per second compared to the 52.3 fps we got from an older 27-inch iMac which had its own dedicated Radeon Pro graphics card. While less demanding games, such as Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, do look great on this 4.5K display, they still come up short compared to what can be achieved with a dedicated graphics card on full resolution settings and maxed out settings. Ultimately if you’re looking for a machine that feels responsive and delivers top notch visuals across your gaming titles of choice then the latest 24-inch Apple iMac may not be ideal given current limitations around graphics performance.

Software & Apps

The release of macOS Big Sur was met with great excitement in the tech world. Not only does the operating system bring significant improvements in terms of design, but also includes lots of useful apps out-of-the-box. From free productivity applications such as Pages and Numbers to multimedia tools like GarageBand and iMovie, there is something for everyone from casual users to creativity professionals.

For Mac users wanting to upgrade to the latest version, compatibility is not an issue. With Apple’s move into silicon-based processor chips for the new Mac models, M1 compatibility issues are minimal. In fact, Apple has worked hard to ensure that both old and new versions of their operating system can run on any current hardware. This makes it easier for people to keep their computers up-to-date without having to worry about whether their existing devices can accommodate the software or not.


Overall, the M1 iMac offers excellent value for its price. It comes with powerful hardware, an impressive 24-inch display and great audio, all within a slim form factor that stands out on any desk. Not only is it affordable but there are even discounts available at times which make it even more of a bargain. Furthermore, its graphics performance may not be up to par with dedicated gaming machines but it still offers good visuals for less demanding games and tasks. In addition, the processor cores are designed to provide a balance between performance and battery life – making it perfect for those who need a versatile machine capable of intensive tasks while still offering some battery life when on-the-go. With all this in mind, the M1 iMac is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an all-in-one machine that offers great value for money.