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How to use fingerprint to download apps on iPad?

how to use fingerprint to download apps on ipad


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Enhance security and streamline app downloads on your iPad by using your fingerprint for authentication. Learn how to set up and use Touch ID for convenient and secure app downloads in just a few simple steps.

Unlock a world of app access on your iPad with the power of your unique fingerprint!

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology is utilized for secure and convenient authentication purposes, including downloading apps from the App Store on an iPad. Here are detailed steps on how to use your fingerprint (Touch ID) to download apps on an iPad:

  1. Enable Touch ID for App Store Purchases:
    • Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.
    • Scroll down and tap on “Touch ID & Passcode.”
    • Enter your passcode if prompted.
    • Toggle on “iTunes & App Store” under “Use Touch ID For.”
  2. Access App Store and Select App:
    • Launch the “App Store” on your iPad’s home screen.
    • Browse or search for the app you wish to download.
  3. Initiate Download:
    • Tap the app you want to download.
    • If it’s a paid app, tap the price and confirm the purchase using your Apple ID password, Touch ID, or Face ID (if available).
  4. Authenticate with Touch ID:
    • When prompted to confirm the download or purchase, place your registered finger on the Touch ID sensor (the Home button). This action authenticates the download.
  5. Complete the Download:
    • Once your fingerprint is recognized and authenticated, the download process will commence automatically. You’ll see the app icon appear on your home screen as it downloads.
  6. Automatic Future Purchases:
    • Subsequent downloads or purchases from the App Store might not require additional authentication after you’ve initially verified your Touch ID for the session. However, sensitive actions or larger purchases might prompt for authentication each time.

By setting up Touch ID for App Store purchases, you streamline the download process by using your fingerprint for quick and secure authentication. This feature enhances security by preventing unauthorized downloads while offering convenience by reducing the need to enter passwords for each app download.

Are there any additional steps for paid apps regarding confirmation and payment?

Certainly! When purchasing paid apps from the App Store using Touch ID for authentication, there might be additional steps involved in confirming the purchase and payment. For instance, if you’re buying a paid app for the first time or making an in-app purchase, the process typically involves on-screen instructions that guide you through the payment procedure.

Upon selecting the paid app or initiating an in-app purchase, the App Store will prompt you to authenticate the purchase using Touch ID, particularly if you’ve enabled Touch ID for App Store purchases in the device settings. If it’s your first time purchasing a paid app or making an in-app purchase after a significant time lapse, the system might require you to enter your Apple ID password or the device passcode before confirming the payment. This step aims to ensure the security of the transaction and prevent unauthorized app purchases, especially on earlier iPad models or 1st generation devices that might not support Face ID. These on-screen instructions guide users through the process, enhancing security measures and confirming the validity of the transaction before the app purchase or in-app acquisition is completed.

To manage these settings and customize authentication preferences for App Store and in-app purchases, users can access the Settings app on their iPad. Within the Settings app, navigating to the “iTunes & App Store” section provides options to adjust settings related to purchases, including requiring a device passcode or Touch ID for authentication during app purchases or Apple Books downloads, ensuring a secure and controlled buying experience.


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