How to Print from iPhone


The iPhone is a powerful device that makes it possible to do a variety of tasks, including printing documents. With the right apps and printer setup, it’s easy to print any type of document from your iPhone. Whether you need to print an email attachment, a photo, or even screenshots of your phone’s display, this guide will walk you through the process.

Print from iPhone

Printing from an iPhone is now easier than ever with the AirPrint technology. AirPrint enables users to send printjobs wirelessly to compatible AirPrint-enabled printers just by tapping a few buttons within apps like Mail, Photos, Safari, and many other popular apps available on the App Store. iPhone owners can also look forward to printing their documents with ease regardless of where they are as long as both the phone and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For more in-depth information, customers can take a look at Apple Support’s page about AirPrint for additional details and step-by-step instructions.

Using AirPrint is an excellent option for home offices that need to quickly print off documents without any hassle or complex setup processes. Not only does it save time but it also removes any potential fear that something could go wrong during the process. Those wanting to take advantage will have no problem setting up AirPrint even if they don’t have much experience when it comes to technology. In conclusion, those seeking wireless printing capabilities from their iPhone should definitely consider using the AirPrint system for their convenience!

Print photos from your iPhone with these steps

Printing photos from your iPhone is relatively straightforward and provides an easy way to create physical reminders of locations or events captured in digital format. To print photos from an iPhone, users should begin by launching the Photos app and choosing the specific image or images they wish to print.

Alternatively, tap the Select button located in the top-right corner and choose multiple pictures if desired. After selecting the pictures you wish to print, tap on the Share icon located near each photo. Scroll down until Printing is located under Other Options then tap it. Once selected, you will be able connect with a nearby printer within range of your iPhone’s Bluetooth setting or Air print accordingly. Before hitting Print, make sure that you are utilizing professional grade paper to produce clearer results when printing from your Apple device.

Print iPhone texts with ease

Printing text messages from your iPhone can be a very convenient way to save important conversations. It’s relatively easy to do and only requires some basic steps. The first step is to take a screenshot of the conversation you wish to print. To do this, press and hold the power button (on the right) and the home button (on the bottom) at the same time. This will capture the entire conversation in an image that can easily be printed. Once you have taken your screenshot, open up the Photos app on your iPhone and select the image. Next, tap on the Share icon for more options and scroll down until you see ‘Print.’ Select this option and follow any on-screen instructions if necessary.

Once you have followed these steps, you should have a physical copy of your text message conversations in no time! If you’re struggling to work out how to take screenshots, we’ve created a guide here to help explain it further.

Printing an email from your iPhone is easy

Printing an email from your iPhone is a handy way to keep a hard copy of important communications. To complete the print job, open the message in question. Then, tap on the reply button located to lower left corner and scroll down until you’ve reached the Share icon. You can find it represented as outflowing rectangular boxes or circles contained within one cloud-like formation.

Once tapped, a series of options will appear including having the ability to save or send the email via popular services such as Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook. Scroll rightward until you discover AirPrint which features notable app icons such as Photos, Notes and Safari amongst many others. Select this option and then proceed to adjust your desired print settings which allow numerous page sizes along with other customizable attributes before commencing with your print command of choice.

Add Printer to your iPhone

Adding a printer to your iPhone doesn’t have to be complicated. AirPrint is the easiest way to print from an iPhone, but if your printer doesn’t support this feature then you may need a specific application provided by the printer’s manufacturer in order to enable printing. HP printers are compatible with HP ePrint software, whereas Epson printers are compatible with Epson iPrint software.

These apps provide detailed instructions on how to set up the printer with your device and make sure that it is connected to the same WiFi network as your iPhone or other Apple device. Additionally, many of these apps also support Bluetooth technology which allows you to go wireless with your printing even if there isn’t a good WiFi connection available. If you are having difficulty pairing the printer with your device then the app probably provides an instruction guide for that as well. With just a few simple steps you’ll be able to print from your iPhone without any problems!

How to view and cancel a print job

Printing documents has become an integral part of our everyday lives, with most of us relying on paper documents for educational and professional purposes. However, there can be many times when we choose to cancel a print job. Fortunately, it is easy to view and cancel a print job using the App Switcher feature on your iPhone.

Using the App Switcher, you can quickly access the Print Center in just a few steps. If you have an iPhone X or later, all you need to do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen towards the middle, staying there until you see the App Switcher appear. For iPhone 8 or older devices, simply double click your home button. Once in the app switcher menu, swipe left or right to find Print Center and then tap it. Now you can view and manage all of your previously submitted printing jobs. You will have the option to either ‘Cancel’ or ‘Pause’ any job at this point – making it quick and simple to control your printing settings when needed.