How to Get Pound Sign on MacBook

The pound sign, also known as the ‘hash’ symbol or ‘number sign’, is a popular symbol used in many different applications. It’s commonly used for things like phone numbers, currency symbols, hashtags and more. If you have a MacBook, you may be wondering how to get this sign on your keyboard. Fortunately, getting the pound sign on a MacBook is easy.

The British Pound Symbol

The British pound is the oldest surviving currency in the world, used for over 1200 years. Represented by a stylized letter L, £- from the Latin word libra meaning balance scale, it once represented one pound of silver. Back then split into a complex array of currencies such as shillings and pence, today it is divided only into pence denoted with a p (100p £1). Still popularly referred to as “sterling” or pounds sterling, an amount written in pounds and pence such as £2.54 would use the decimal point like in U.S dollars.

In addition to being one of the longest easily recognized symbols used by traders throughout history, the British Pound symbol has become incorporated in everyday English language. Popular cultural references include phrases like “fit for a king” (or person of high wealth), suggesting that they have enough money or goods to offer a lot starts with the characterization of power associated with the currency symbol itself –£ monetary value signifying important sophistication and superior quality. Overall the British Pound remains an iconic piece of Britain’s rich cultural heritage which still holds great significance today both nationally and internationally.

Get pound sign using keyboard shortcuts

Typing the British Pound (£) symbol on a Mac keyboard is incredibly easy and requires nothing more than the Option+3 (⌥+3) keystrokes. For Mac users with a US keyboard layout, it’s simple to remember because the 3 key combinations usually corresponds to the # POUND sign. On other keyboards, however, the layout may differ per country or region. To ensure accuracy, you can check out comments below this article to find out how to type the Pound sign on those layouts.

It’s always useful to know these currency symbols when travelling in the UK with your Mac, particularly for updating prices when creating invoices or tracking data that involves finances. Luckily most standard system fonts are equipped with a rendering of the £ pound symbol but some of the fancier aftermarket fonts will not be able to display it properly. The Character Viewer in OS X allows users to view different currency symbols. Aside from using that resource, there are also keyboard shortcuts for common currencies like Yen, Euro and Dollar which you can use depending on your needs!

Finding a Pound sign Online

Finding a character online can be an invaluable asset if you’re working in a digital space on a system that you’re not totally familiar with. Rather than having to figure out how to access lesser-used characters within the system, searching for the desired character online is usually the quickest and simplest solution. The process of doing so only requires you to open your web browser, find and type in the name of the desired character such as the British pound symbol, scroll through your search engine results, select it with your mouse or touchscreen device in order to copy it, and then paste it into your document where it needs to go.

Additionally, when pasting certain characters into documents, it may be necessary to use a paste without formatting option in order to put that character within font and text size parameters that match what’s used throughout the rest of the text. Beyond that single initial effort of locating and collecting a new character from online sources, you can then rely on simple copy-and-paste actions from within your document alone each time that particular symbol is needed again.