How to edit PDF on iPad


Uncover the seamless process of editing PDFs directly on your iPad. From annotations to text modifications, this guide empowers you with the tools to make precise edits, ensuring your documents are perfect every time.

Instructions on editing PDFs on an iPad

Editing PDFs on an iPad has become remarkably convenient, thanks to various built-in and third-party apps. Here’s a detailed guide on how to edit PDFs on your iPad:

Using the Built-in Markup Tools (iOS 15 and later):

  1. Open the PDF File:
    • Locate the PDF file you want to edit and open it using the default Files app or another PDF viewer app.
  2. Access Markup Tools:
    • Tap on the screen to reveal the top menu, then tap the Markup icon (it looks like a pencil inside a circle).
  3. Annotate Text and Objects:
    • Use the pen tool to write or draw on the PDF. You can also highlight, underline, or strike through text. The eraser tool allows you to remove any unwanted annotations.
  4. Add Text:
    • Tap the “+” button, then select “Text.” Place the cursor where you want to add text and start typing. You can resize and reposition the text box as needed.
  5. Insert Shapes and Signatures:
    • Use the “+” button to insert shapes, lines, or your digital signature. Drag and adjust them accordingly.
  6. Highlight and Underline Text:
    • Select the text and choose the “Highlight” or “Underline” option. Adjust the color and opacity if necessary.
  7. Add Notes and Comments:
    • To add notes or comments, tap the speech bubble icon and place it where needed. You can type your comments or voice-record them.
  8. Save and Share:
    • Once you’re done editing, tap “Done” and then “Save.” You can share the edited PDF via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage.

Using Third-Party PDF Editors (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Expert):

  1. Install a PDF Editing App:
    • Download and install a reputable PDF editing app like Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF Expert from the App Store.
  2. Open the PDF File:
    • Open the PDF editing app and access the desired PDF document for editing.
  3. Edit Text and Annotations:
    • Use the app’s editing tools to make changes. You can edit text, add annotations, draw, highlight, and more.
  4. Add or Replace Pages (if needed):
    • Some apps allow you to insert or replace pages within the PDF document.
  5. Save Your Changes:
    • Once you’ve finished editing, save the changes. Most apps provide an option to save a copy of the edited PDF.
  6. Share the Edited PDF:
    • You can share the edited PDF via email, cloud storage, or other compatible apps.

Remember that the exact interface and features may vary slightly depending on the PDF editing app you choose. These methods make it easy to edit PDFs on your iPad, whether you need to make simple annotations or more complex changes to your documents.

How do I insert images or signatures into a PDF document?

To insert images or signatures into a PDF document on your iPad, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the PDF Document: Launch your preferred PDF editor or viewer application on your iPad and open the PDF document you wish to edit.
  2. Access Editing Features: Look for the editing tools within the application. Usually, there is a pencil icon or a set of tools at the top or bottom of the screen.
  3. Inserting Images: Tap on the tool that allows you to insert images. This could be represented by an icon resembling a mountain or a camera. Select the image you want to insert from your photo library and position it on the PDF as needed.
  4. Adding Signatures: Look for the signature option within the editing features. It often appears as a cursive signature icon. You can either draw your signature using your finger or stylus directly on the iPad screen, or select a pre-saved signature if you have one.
  5. Save Your Changes: After inserting the image or signature, be sure to save your changes. You can usually do this by tapping the share icon and selecting the appropriate save option, which might be named “Save PDF” or similar.

Remember, these steps might vary slightly depending on the PDF editor you’re using. Applications like Apple Books or dedicated PDF editors often provide intuitive interfaces for adding images and signatures to documents, making it a straightforward process for tasks like filling out application forms or adding visual elements to reports.