How to Do a Hashtag on MacBook

Mac keyboards without the hashtag key can cause difficulty when attempting to use one. If you’re using a Mac with a standard keyboard, it can be tricky to figure out how to type a hashtag symbol (#). While other keyboards often have the hashtag or pound sign key, Mac keyboards do not. Fortunately, there is an easy way to access the hashtag symbol on any Mac.

Hashtag on Mac keyboards

So, how do you get a hashtag on your MacBook? you can’t find hashtag on keyboard settings. It turns out that the hashtag symbol is located conveniently in the top row of keys on your keyboard. To type it with ease, use the Option + 3 (or ⌥ + 3) shortcut keys or press and hold down Shift + Option + 3 (or ⇧ + ⌥+3). This will always output the hash symbol.

On some MacBook models and keyboards, you can also find the hashtag symbol easily printed near the number three key — it’s not immediately visible, but still gives an indication of where to look for it.

In addition to typing out a hash symbol directly from your keyboard, you can also copy and paste one from any other web resource into an online application. Copying and pasting works across operating systems — you just need to select, copy, and then paste the hashtag where someone needs it to go in order to define different information categories.

Easy method to do hashtag on MacBook

Hashtags are an important part of social media communication and social networks it can be a challenge to find the shortcut key symbol on a Mac keyboard. For typing out the hashtag symbol, users will need to utilize modifier keys such as hash key Shift(⇧) and Option(⌥), as keyboards typically don’t have a dedicated key for it. While some keyboards might have the pound sign engraved above the number 3, simply hitting 3 will not produce the desired hashtag symbol. Instead, MacBook users must use keyboard shortcut key Option + 3 (⌥+3) for a UK-based keyboard shortcut layout and Shift + 3 (⇧+3) on a US-based layout in order to produce the desired hashtag sign.

For those users who do not have access to a physical keyboard but wish to type hashtags, virtual keyboards functions just as well. The process can be more time consuming but with a bit of practice and efficient finger movements, hashtags can still be easily created. Alternatively, both Android and iOS operating systems offer special character typing which simplifies the whole process and makes it much easier for anyone with these devices to communicate versatilely through social media platforms.