How to Crop on MacBook

Cropping images on a MacBook is an easy and convenient way to edit photos. With the help of photo-editing software such as Preview or iPhoto, you can crop photos quickly and easily. Cropping allows you to focus on specific areas of a photo or to remove unwanted parts from the image. This tutorial will show you how to crop photos using different software on your MacBook.

Cropping pictures on a MacBook

Cropping images on Mac computers is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. The native applications on MacBook’s, such as Preview and Photos, are great tools to use for editing images. In Preview, you can select the picture you want to edit and then make selections within your image to crop the unwanted portions out. Photos also lets you easily crop pictures on Macs. If your photo was taken with an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad and synchronized with iCloud, it may already be in the Photos app so that you don’t even have to open up another program to begin cropping! The options available with each application give plenty of room for creativity when crafting the perfect photo for whatever purpose you need it for.

No matter what type of device you use to take photos, there are many ways to quickly and easily crop them on your Mac. With either Preview or Photos, making precision edits is made a breeze thanks to precise selection tools and slider adjustments. Don’t forget that if you use iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream, any uploaded images are automatically accessible via Photos apps so no new downloading is necessary!

Cropping photos using Preview

Preview is an easy and powerful tool included with every Mac computer that allows you to crop images without downloading any additional software. To get started, simply open the Preview application from your computer’s Applications folder. Once opened, select the image you wish to crop from the Finder window that appears. Once selected, click on the “open” button at the bottom right corner of the window to either modify or view a preview of the image.

To begin cropping, click on “Markup Toolbar” from the top menu bar and select “Crop” before resizing and positioning your selection with your cursor for cropping out desired footage. When satisfied with your selection, simply hit return/enter buttons or double-click within the frame so that it saves automatically or you can choose “Save As” if you want to change file type such as JPG or PNG. That’s one quick guide to easily crop images using Preview! With this simple process, you can save time and resources while achieving stunning results in no time at all.

Cropping in photos app

Cropping pictures using the Photos app on your Mac is an incredibly simple process that can help you to easily enhance your images. Before you begin, it’s important to remember two things. First, the image that you want to crop must be in your Photos library. Second, if you are importing or adding a picture from Finder into Photos, keep in mind that this is creating a copy of the file and it will remain unchanged in Finder.

Perhaps you wish to remove any unnecessary content from a photo before uploading it online, or perhaps you simply want to better highlight its main subject matter – regardless of why you need to crop an image, doing so with Photos is super simple. All it takes is dragging and dropping the image from Finder into either the “Library” or “Import” folder within Books. From there, use the editing tools within photos to make precise adjustments until you have achieved the desired effect. When finished editing, just save and view the results of your newly cropped image.

Using third-party apps

Using third-party apps like Luminar can take your photos to the next level. This powerful image editing platform is packed with useful features to help you get the most out of every photo. Beyond the basics, such as cropping and adjusting contrast, luminar offers an array of editing options that allow you to adjust light and detail levels or apply creative filters for stunning results. With a range of brush tools, histograms and plug-ins, luminar makes it easy to create professional-quality images from the comfort of your Mac.

Cropping images in Luminar is surprisingly simple. You can select the crop tool from any workspace or choose pre-set aspect ratios for a consistent size look across all images. There’s also an auto enhance feature that lets you quickly improve lighting and contrast levels with just one click. Once an image has been cropped, adjust light, color and filter parameters can be adjusted until you are completely satisfied with the final result. To fine tune an image even more, use Luminar’s noise reduction sliders to smooth out texture issues and reduce grainy areas while maintaining a natural feel.