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How to create a new folder on an iPad?

how to create a new folder on an ipad


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Organizing files and documents is essential on an iPad. Learn how to efficiently create new folders to categorize and manage your content, enhancing your productivity and accessibility on the device.

Discover the secret to iPad organization: unlock the power of creating a brand-new folder!

Creating a new folder on an iPad is a simple process and can be done directly on the device. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen: Unlock your iPad and go to the Home Screen, which displays all your apps and icons.
  2. Enter “Edit” Mode: Locate an app that you want to include in the new folder. Press and hold the app icon until it starts shaking or shows an “X” at the top left corner. This action triggers the apps to enter “Edit” mode, allowing you to move or organize them.
  3. Drag and Drop to Create a Folder: While the app icons are in “Edit” mode (shaking), drag one app icon onto another app icon you wish to include in the same folder. When you drag the first app icon over the second one, a grayish transparent box appears, indicating the creation of a new folder. Release the first app icon, and both apps will now be in the newly created folder.
  4. Naming the Folder: By default, the iPad will suggest a name for the folder based on the category of the apps (e.g., “Productivity” for apps related to productivity). To customize the folder’s name, tap the field displaying the folder’s name (it should say “Productivity” or another suggested name) and type in your preferred name using the keyboard that appears.
  5. Adding More Apps to the Folder: To add more apps to the folder, simply drag and drop additional app icons into the folder while in “Edit” mode.
  6. Exiting “Edit” Mode: Once you’ve organized your apps into folders, press the Home button or tap outside the folder area to exit “Edit” mode. This action stops the apps from shaking and finalizes the folder creation.
  7. Accessing and Using the Folder: To access the folder, tap on its icon on the Home Screen. Tapping the folder icon opens it, revealing the apps it contains. From there, you can launch the apps directly or further organize them.

Creating folders on an iPad is a useful way to declutter the Home Screen and efficiently organize apps based on categories or usage patterns, providing quick access to grouped apps and streamlining your workflow.

What options do users have for naming the newly created folder?

When users create a new folder on their iPad, they have various options for naming the folder, offering customization to suit their preferences or organize the content more effectively. By default, when users use the drag-and-drop method to create a new folder by combining apps on the iPad’s home screen, the device suggests a name based on the category of the apps being placed in the folder. For instance, if apps related to productivity are placed in the folder, the iPad might suggest “Productivity” as the folder name. However, users have the freedom to modify and personalize this suggested name using the on-screen keyboard. Tapping on the field displaying the folder’s suggested name within the folder screen or the home screen allows users to enter a custom folder name, enabling them to specify the folder’s content or purpose more precisely. This customization option within the Files app offers users the flexibility to create a custom folder name that reflects the nature of the files in the folder or aligns with their organizational preferences, enhancing the folder features and its usability within the iPad’s interface.

Furthermore, the Files app provides a dedicated space for organizing various files and documents on the iPad. Within this app, users can create custom folders to manage their files more efficiently. When creating a folder within the Files app, users are presented with the option to name the folder according to the type of files it will contain or based on a specific project, topic, or any other descriptor relevant to the content being organized. This level of customization ensures that the folder name accurately represents the files in the folder and helps users easily navigate through their content, providing a more structured and tailored approach to managing files within the app.


In conclusion, creating a new folder on an iPad is simple and straightforward. To create a new folder, users can either drag-and-drop their apps into a blank space on the Home Screen or create one within the Files app. When creating a folder, users have the option to name it according to their preference or the category of apps they are organizing. This feature allows for customization and refinement, allowing users to better organize their content and access it quickly.


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