How Old Is My iPad


The introduction to the topic of how old is my iPad requires some basic understanding of the product. iPads are a line of tablet computers from Apple Inc. that come in various sizes and models, with each version having different features and capabilities. iPads have been on the market since 2010, so if you have one, it’s likely that it’s at least a few years old.

What to Know

It’s important to know the details of your iPad model in order to keep it up to date and running smoothly. On this page, you’ll be able to view a variety of information about your device, including the Model number and Capacity. With this information, you can determine an accurate sale date by referring to Apple’s legal & Regulatory pages for the specific iPad or iPad air model.

Knowing which model you own is also important when determining if your iPad is eligible for the newest iOS update or if its hardware is compatible with a certain type of service. The “About” section will make all these things possible. It pays off immensely in the end to know exactly what your device looks like and what potential problems could arise when using it. Knowing these details can help ensure that everything works properly on your iPad in the long run.

What is the method for determining the generation of an iPad?

Knowing which generation your iPad is can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t remember which model you bought. Fortunately, there are several ways to quickly and easily check what generation your iPad is.

The first is to go to Settings on your device and look for the General tab. Under that tab, you should see an About page. This page will give you several pieces of information regarding your iPad such as the serial number and model number; however, the most important for finding out which generation your iPad is will likely be the version of iOS it runs on—for example, iOS 11 indicates that it’s from the 10th generation. Other specifics like cellular data details or physical identifiers like capacity can also help identify current models if they have been costumed modified. Knowing which generation your iPad is can help when looking for app compatibilities, hardware support or future updates.

How Old Is My iPad?

Finding out how old your iPad is can be a tricky task if you don’t know where to look. Many of Apple’s iPad models are sold for a few years before they become discontinued, making it tough to determine the age of your device. Luckily, by finding information provided in the settings section on your device, you can find out exactly when yours was sold.

Scroll all the way down until you locate the Date Sold section. This will show you the exact date your device was sold, listed in YYYY-MM-DD format so that you can accurately ascertain exactly how old your iPad is. Knowing how long ago you purchased your iPad is useful when trying to determine whether or not it is still in warranty or eligible for an upgrade. Armed with this information, you’ll know precisely how and when to proceed with any repairs or upgrades necessary for continued use of your device.

1. Accessing system preferences is through the Settings application

The Settings app that comes pre-installed on every iPad is an incredibly versatile tool, and knowing how to use it can save you time and effort. The Settings app can be utilized to determine the age of your iPad. This method is great for users because it’s ultra-simple – all you need is the correct routing, and you don’t even need any third-party apps or special tools.

To get started with this method, open up the Settings app on your iPad either from the home screen or using Siri (if you’re using an iPad 3rd generation or later). From there, you can quickly and easily determine the age of your device without having to worry about dealing with external factors. It’s an invaluable tool that makes learning more about your device easier than ever before!

2. Using the Serial Number

Using the serial number of your iPad can be an easy way to determine its age. All you need to do is locate the serial number and plug it into Apple’s Coverage website. The iPad’s serial number can be located on various sources such as the back of the device, packaging, receipt (if accessible), or within the Settings app.

By entering this number into Apple’s website, you can see when your device was manufactured and when it was purchased if applicable. This method is convenient since most people have access to their devices at all times, making it easier than using Apple Support documentation or any other third-party websites that reference macOS versions.

3. Using Your iPad Model Number

Finding out the age of your iPad can be an important piece of information to have. Not only does knowing the age help you make informed decisions about purchasing something compatible with it, but repair shops may also use the model number when trying to source parts. The good news is that you can quickly and easily determine exactly how old your iPad is by referring to its model number.

To begin, tap on the Settings app on the home screen of your iPad or ask Siri to open it up for you. Navigate through General and then About, where you will find a section labelled Model that contains a long line of numbers and letters. This is your model number – copy it down and visit Apple’s website where you can search for details like storage space and release date. With this information in hand, you can confidently know exactly how old your iPad is and what compatible items will work well with it.

iPad Generations and Models

Figuring out which iPad generation and model you own can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s been a while since you bought it. Fortunately, Apple has made it relatively easy to find the exact version of your device so you know how much storage size or space to expect, which accessories to buy, and how old your device is. To determine the model number of your iPad, you can either inspect the back of the device or access the Settings. Once you have this number, refer to our comprehensive list that can tell you exactly what type of iPad model and generation you have.

There are several clues besides the model number that can help indicate which iPad version you’re using: whether it has a home button or dual rear cameras are two physical indicators that narrow down exactly which iPad you own. With over two dozen models and generations out since Apple first released the iPad more than a decade ago, it’s helpful to know exactly which one is yours – especially if you ever need troubleshooting help from patron support.


In conclusion, it is important to know the age of your iPad. Not only does this give you an understanding of general wear and tear, but it also alerts you to any needed upgrades or replacements. Knowing the age of your device gives you a better ability to make decisions about maintenance, warranties and more. Additionally, with the multiple ways there are to check the age of your iPad such as from official Apple websites or from mobile apps, there is no reason not to have a grasp on your device’s age.

Understanding essential information about your device can drastically improve your user experience and protect you against unplanned expenses. Therefore, if you do not know how old your iPad is, use the methods outlined in this guide to get up-to-date information on its exact age. Once you have this knowledge in hand, you can take control over your device’s upkeep and future investments with confidence.