How much for a Mini iPad

How much for a Mini iPad


Discover the price ranges and considerations associated with purchasing a mini iPad, catering to those seeking a compact yet feature-rich tablet experience.

Discover if the iPad Mini is truly worth your time and money!

The 2021 iPad mini is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit more power in their tablet than they can get from the standard 9.7-inch iPad. This small-form tablet packs an 8.3-inch display, a A15 Bionic chip for 40% improving CPU and 80% improved GPU performance, as well as 12MP front and rear cameras, Touch ID security, and a USB-C port. Best of all, these features are packed into a much more portable size than you’d get with an iPad Air or Pro.

For anyone looking for the ideal balance between portability and performance in their tablet, the 2021 iPad mini is definitely worth buying; it’s perhaps the best small form factor tablet money can buy. With its upgradable processor and added features like USB Type-C port and expanded cameras, this model offers productivity enhancement that would have previously been impossible with past iPad minis. Despite its size, the 2021 mini gives you most of what you need in terms of performance – making it an excellent value for the money.

What are the most optimal times to find deals on iPad Minis?

The iPad Mini offers an impressive range of features while fitting a small form factor. There are usually small discounts available on the mobile device year-round, but certain sales periods offer bigger opportunities to save. Prime Day, Back To School deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday could all present great chances to buy an iPad Mini at discounted prices.

For instance, during Amazon Prime Day or other major retail holidays, you could see as much as £80 in savings off the standard sale price. It’s worth keeping your eyes open during these times for the best iPad Mini deals which can be found from authorized dealers like Apple itself or via trusted retailers such as Amazon. With so many outlets offering discounts this time of year, you’re sure to find the perfect deal on your next iPad Mini purchase.

The iPad mini 6

The iPad mini 6 is an advanced tablet releasing soon from Apple. It features a sleek design that makes it easy to hold while using and easily fits into a purse or bag. The iPad mini 6 utilizes a 7.9-inch Liquid Retina display that offers stunning visuals for viewing your favorite content. This display also supports the new Apple Pencil, so you can capture illustrations and notes with ease on the device’s bright screen.

Powering the iPad mini 6 is Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip which provides lightning fast performance and quick response times whether you’re playing games or streaming video content. In terms of photography, the rear camera on the device utilizes 12MP lens for flicker detection and stabilization when taking pictures in low-light environments. And for capturing selfie shots or engaging in video calls, you have access to an updated 7MP front-facing camera which delivers extremely clear images along with support for FaceID and Center Stage technology to track your movements during videos conferences while keeping everyone in frame.


The 2021 iPad mini starts at £749 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only model. Prices can go up to £949 for the 256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model. You can find discounts on the device year-round, but major sales periods like Prime Day, Back To School deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer even bigger chances to save money on a mini iPad.