How Is the Quality of the Refurbished Apple iPhone?

How Is the Quality of the Refurbished Apple iPhone?


The used market for iPhones has seen a significant surge in recent years, with many people opting to buy refurbished Apple iPhones instead of purchasing a brand new device. Refurbished iPhones are used devices that have undergone testing and restoration to attain a nearly new or like-new state, and some are accompanied by a warranty.

What does ‘refurbished iPhone’ mean?

A refurbished iPhone typically means a pre-owned device that has been returned and thoroughly repaired by Apple. It is then resold at a lower price to provide an affordable option for buyers looking for a high quality phone. Refurbished iPhones are usually inspected, tested and cleaned for re-sale and authorized repair centers use genuine parts when performing repairs. All of these services are usually part of the Apple Certified Refurbished program.

Essentially, getting a refurbished iPhone means you’re able to get your hands on the same device, with all its features, at a much lower cost than the brand new model – without any compromise in terms of quality or performance. For example, we recently bought a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro on Apple’s online store and were pleased with its cosmetic and functional condition. Though there may be some signs of wear and tear, such as minor scratches and dents, this didn’t happen to affect its performance after testing it out. Overall, if you take into account all of the benefits associated with owning a refurbished phone from reliable sources such as Apple, it’s certainly worth looking into as an economical alternative to purchasing a new one outright.

What is the typical lifespan of a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone offers a great way to get a dependable device at an affordable price, but it’s important to ask yourself how long such a device will last. Based on proper care and maintenance, a refurbished iPhone can typically have a lifespan of two to three years. To ensure the longevity of your refurbished phone, make sure to keep it clean at all times, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, keep it away from liquids, and treat it with care. Additionally, back up your data regularly and update your device with the latest software so that you can benefit from any bug fixes or features newer operating systems bring.

Overall, if you take good care of your refurbished iPhone and use it wisely then you should be able to get many years of use out of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help maintain its condition longer, while staying up-to-date on software updates can improve performance as well as add new features that might come with more modern phones. A refurbished iPhone is certainly worth considering if you are looking for an affordable way to get a dependable device with similar features than what the newest models have to offer today.

Is a refurbished iPhone worth buying?

Buying a refurbished iPhone is an excellent way to save on the price of purchasing a brand new device. With Apple’s latest tech often being incredibly expensive, a second-hand or pre-owned phone can help you get your hands on the technology without breaking the bank. Refurbished iPhones are usually carefully inspected and checked for quality, meaning that there should be no major difference between them and brand new devices. Many retailers also offer refurbished iPhones with pay monthly contracts, letting you spread out the cost over several months if need be.

Finding your perfect refurbished iPhone needn’t be difficult either; countless retailers offer deals and discounts on all kinds of models, meaning you can easily find one that fits both your budget and lifestyle. Furthermore, buying a refurbished phone also has positive environmental impacts too – it can reduce pollution caused by mining materials as well as reinvigorating old phones which would probably otherwise end up in landfill. All in all, purchasing a used or second hand device is an excellent way to reap all the benefits of Apple technology without having to spend too much money upfront.

Advantages of purchasing a refurbished iPhone

When it comes to buying a high-end smartphone such as an iPhone, you can find plenty of value in buying a refurbished one. Apple guarantees to make all its refurbished products “like new,” so you can enjoy the advantages of a new iPhone at a lower price point. Most people choose refurbished iPhones because they offer good savings over buying brand-new models. For example, you can typically save up to 20 percent or more on your total purchase when compared to buying a new phone. Refurbished iPhones are also cheaper than brand-new models when shopping online.

Another benefit of getting a refurbished iPhone is that they are usually inspected and tested by certified technicians before being sold. This means that any previous defects have been addressed, and the phone should be running properly without any issue. The battery life is also checked and potentially replaced if necessary so that it holds charge like when first bought — something not always guaranteed with used devices from private sellers. Additionally, some retailers offer warranties for their refurbished iPhones just like with brand-new devices, so you can be sure the phone will work properly for at least several years after you buy it.

Warranty and Apple Care

Apple provides exceptional warranty coverage for its refurbished products, which are already bought at greatly discounted rates. This protects consumers from any potential defects or issues that may arise in the first year of ownership and they can take advantage of free repairs or replacements if needed. This is thanks to Apple’s one-year warranty that covers all of its devices, including those that have been previously owned and now sold as a “refurbished” item. The protection also extends to mail-in services as well as trips to the Apple retail store, making it more convenient for anyone who needs additional support on their device.

Not only does Apple offer generous warranty protection on its refurbished products, it also offers customers the option to purchase an extended AppleCare+ Protection Plan should they want extra coverage beyond the standard one year warranty and 90 days of phone support. With this additional plan, Mac owners can extend their warranty coverage and telephone support for up to three years (or longer with certain subscription models). All in all, this makes buying a refurbished product from Apple an incredibly safe bet – since customers can be confident they are getting quality devices that have been carefully checked by experts with generous warranty protection covering them even after purchase.


In conclusion, the quality of a refurbished Apple iPhone can be excellent. Refurbished iPhones are usually inspected and tested by certified technicians before being sold, so customers can expect them to be running properly without any issue. Additionally, Apple provides exceptional warranty coverage for its refurbished products, offering customers one-year warranties and the option to purchase extended AppleCare+ Protection Plans should they need extra coverage beyond that. All in all, buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple is an incredibly safe bet for those looking for good savings on their purchase.