Have Your Mac Speak Text That’s on the Screen

Have Your Mac Speak Text That’s on the Screen


If you’re looking for a way to save time and increase your productivity, having your Mac speak text that’s on the screen can be invaluable. With this feature enabled, you can have all of the text read aloud while you work on other tasks or navigate through menus.

Mac speak text

Having your Mac speak text that’s on the screen can be incredibly useful for those who have difficulty reading on a monitor or simply prefer to listen to information. It provides a convenient way to read text aloud without having to manually type it all out onto the device. To set this up, simply hit the keyboard shortcut of your choosing and your Mac will begin speaking whatever is appearing on the screen.

Not only this, but you also have full control over certain parameters of the speech within the System Preferences tab. This includes the rate at which the words are spoken, allowing users to adjust this based on their desired speed and flow. In addition, there is an onscreen controller visible in certain media applications which makes it even easier to pause speech, rewind audio or change volume as necessary. It really is an invaluable tool for those with poor visual awareness or slow reading capabilities.

Listen to spoken text

This paragraph outlines the instructions for finding and altering settings on a Mac which are related to spoken content. On your Mac, begin by opening the Apple Menu and then System Settings. In the sidebar that appears, scroll down until you can locate the Accessibility tab. Clicking this will take you to a new page with multiple options on the right. On this page, make sure to click “Spoken Content” which will open further accessibility settings related to spoken content. Finally, ensure that “Speak selection” is turned on so that your computer can read through text for you when desired.

These settings are incredibly useful for those with low vision, or simply those who would rather listen than read through digital text on their Macs. Not only do they provide a more convenient way of reading texts, but also enable individuals to better focus on other tasks going on around them while listening to textual content at their own pace. By taking advantage of these features found within Apple’s System Settings accessibility menu, users can quickly and easily gain access to audio versions of digital text provided with their operating systems.

Change text display on screen

Customizing how spoken text appears on screen is a simple yet important task for users with Visual difficulties. This accessibility feature can be easily accessed on your Mac by the System Settings, specifically the Accessibility preference. Here, you can adjust specifics such as announcing when alerts, messages and notifications show up, which words to emphasize more, and how quickly speech is spoken.

The Spoken Content settings here empower users by providing them with more control over how they receive information from their machine, from pacing to synthesized voice control accent or emotion. Specifically noteworthy are the Text-to-Speech settings, which let you map what part of the keyboard will activate spoken text (such as Option-Esc), controlling if you hearing words pronounced letter by letter or just one time when typing and modifying volume schematics and other details like compression rate or word emphasis options. By bringing these tools together in a single setting using a straightforward UI, Apple’s builders have created an ultimately accessible experience for Mac users who might benefit from some extra support when it comes to digesting audio output correctly.