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Does iPad comes with charger?

does ipad comes with charger


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Discover the standard offerings and recent developments regarding whether iPads are bundled with chargers, shedding light on the evolving trends and practices in accessory inclusions.

Is there a charger included with the iPad?

The question of whether an iPad comes with a charger is not as straightforward as it might seem. The answer depends on several factors, including the specific iPad model, the region you purchase it in, and potential legal requirements.

Let’s delve into the details:

Models Typically Including Chargers:

  • iPad mini (6th generation and later): This model comes bundled with a 20W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C cable, providing a complete charging solution out of the box.
  • iPad (9th generation and later): This affordable iPad also includes a 18W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C cable, making it ready for immediate use.
  • iPad Air (5th generation and later): Similar to the mini, the newer iPad Air models come equipped with a 20W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C cable, offering a seamless charging experience.

Models Typically Lacking Chargers:

  • iPad Pro (all models): Starting in 2022, Apple stopped including chargers with iPad Pro models. This decision, aimed at reducing electronic waste, requires users to purchase a compatible charger separately.

Regional Considerations:

It’s crucial to note that regional variations exist regarding charger inclusion. Some countries, due to legal regulations, require Apple to include a charger with all iPad models. Therefore, the standard package contents might differ depending on your location.

Ensuring You Have the Right Charger:

To avoid any confusion, here are some tips for determining if your iPad comes with a charger:

  • Examine the Product Packaging: The packaging usually lists the contents of the box, explicitly mentioning the presence or absence of a charger.
  • Consult the Apple Website: The official Apple website provides detailed information on the specifications and included accessories for each iPad model, offering clarity regarding charger inclusion.
  • Contact the Retailer: If you’re purchasing your iPad through a retail store, inquire about the included accessories to confirm the presence of a charger.

Alternative Charging Options:

Even if your iPad doesn’t come with a charger, you have plenty of alternative options:

  • Apple USB-C Power Adapters: Choose from various power outputs ranging from 18W to 67W to suit your needs and charging speed preferences.
  • Third-Party USB-C Chargers: Several reputable brands offer compatible USB-C chargers that are often more affordable than Apple’s options.
  • Power Banks: Invest in a portable USB-C power bank for on-the-go charging convenience.


Whether your iPad comes with a charger depends on the specific model and region. Understanding these factors and exploring the available alternative charging options ensures a smooth and satisfying user experience. Remember, staying informed about charger inclusion helps you make informed decisions and prepare for a seamless charging experience with your new iPad.

What are the capabilities of USB-C on the iPad?

The USB-C on an iPad allows users to take advantage of its convenience and utility functions. Starting with the basics, an iPad with USB-C can be charged at the maximum speeds available. Apple does not include a high-wattage charger in the box, so users must either purchase one separately or use a charger provided with a Mac. Furthermore, an iPad with USB-C can be connected to a Mac or PC using either a USB-C to USB-A cable (which must be bought separately) or a USB-C to USB-C cable (which is included in the package).

Perhaps the most impressive function enabled by the new USB-C ports on iPads is its ability to connect to external displays and monitors. As per Apple, iPads like the Air (fourth gen) and mini (sixth gen) support external displays up to 4K resolution. This state-of-the-art technology grants users access to larger screens for their workflows, whether it’s editing slideshows or presenting visuals for important meetings. The versatility offered by the new port benefits both professional and casual users alike; professionals can boost efficacy through updated technology while home users can enjoy streaming movies and shows on bigger screens.


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