10 Tricks for Saving Your Phone’s Battery Life

10 Tricks for Saving Your Phone’s Battery Life


Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and having a phone with a prolonged battery life is essential. No one likes to get stuck in the middle of an important task or conversation due to their phone dying. There are several ways that you can extend the battery life of your phone so that it lasts longer. Here are 10 tricks that you can use to save your phone’s battery.

1. Turn On Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is an essential feature available on most smartphones today. It allows us to extend our phone battery life when needed, making it a lifesaver in various situations. This displays a chart showing the phone’s battery usage, and below that there is an option to switch on Power saving mode. This has the immediate effect of limiting networking, syncing and location services as well as reducing the refresh rate of the display.

By tapping further into Power saving mode options users can additionally turn off features like Always on Display, reduce CPU speed to 70% or lower brightness by 10%. All these changes help to conserve battery power and make it last longer than usual. Quick access to Power saving mode is also accessible via the Quick Settings menu at any time. These basic setting changes are very useful in situations where you need your phone’s battery life extended as far as possible.

2. Adjust Screen Brightness

Your smartphone’s display is one of its most important features, however it can also be a major battery hog. Brightness is one of the biggest detracts to battery life, so it’s important to make sure the brightness on your device is set to a reasonable level. In order to do this, you should go into the Display settings on your device and adjust the brightness setting there. This will ensure that you’re not using more energy than necessary and that your display will stay bright but not overly so.

In addition to adjusting your brightness setting in the Display app, you may also be able to access it from the pull-down screen at the top of your phone. Through this window, you can quickly make changes to your brightness or enable auto brightness if you’d like. Auto brightness can be useful for when situations where light levels change frequently, such as going in and out of buildings or depending on ambient light levels outside when you’re outdoors. However, auto brightness can also raise your brightness beyond what’s necessary so disabling this feature might help conserve battery life too.

3. Manage Your Lock Screen

Managing your lock screen on Android devices can be a great way to save some of your device’s battery life. The newest feature among many devices, Always On Display, allows basic information such as the time and date to be displayed when the display is otherwise turned off. This can prove helpful for quick reference but still remain energy efficient.

Alternatively, you can set in-depth limitations such as allowing it only when the screen is tapped or only at certain times during the day if you don’t want to sacrifice using the feature entirely. Those with Pixel phones will find settings under the Display section found in Lock Screen which allows you to control what time and info is shown onscreen even when it’s asleep.

4. Modify the screen timeout duration

In our modern world, smart phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Staying constantly connected with family and friends is a priority for many of us, but that convenience can come at a cost: battery life. To get the most out of your phone’s charge and save some energy, an important setting to adjust is the length of time until your phone’s screen will turn off. This feature allows the phone to “take a break” while you are away from it, conserving power in the meantime.

Here you will find several different options to choose between depending on how long you wish the display should stay active before turning itself off. If you leave your phone frequently unattended for long periods of time, then reducing this timer might help extend its charge life. While selecting a shorter period may require you to re-enter your passcode more often when accessing the device again, it could be worth it if you want that extra battery lifespan!

5. Disable location and wireless

For your phone to operate at its most efficient level, it pays to go in and individually turn off services that may be using up battery. Services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data are all examples of background services that tend to drain the battery a tiny bit every time they search for a signal or ping from another device. An easy way to save on the power you have is by accessing the pull-down shade on your phone and tapping the Airplane mode button to instantly shut off those services.

Another service that is worth noting when looking to conserve battery life is Location services. Although having GPS on can be useful if you’re navigating with Google Maps, those same pings that make it run smoothly are also major contributors to draining your battery quickly; so it makes sense to turn them off past moments when they’re in use. By shutting off both wireless and location services, you will help ensure maximum efficiency from your phone’s battery and enable it to maintain peak performance over extended periods of time.

6. Disable app refresh and updates

Background App Refresh and Updates are great features for keeping your apps up to date and running smoothly. However, when left unchecked, these features can use up your battery life and data quickly. To be more efficient with your phone use, you can put certain unused apps on your Samsung device to sleep under Battery settings.

Enabling the Put Unused Apps to Sleep feature will prevent apps from quietly running in the background without you even knowing it. You can go one step further by manually telling selected apps to go into sleeping or deep sleeping mode. To do this, go into the Sleeping Apps or Deep Sleeping Apps option located in the Battery settings menu and tap the plus (+) symbol. This will give you a list of available apps that can now be put to sleep at any given time so that they don’t continue running in the background unnecessarily.

7. Disable Active Listening

Having access to voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby can be incredibly helpful. You can ask questions, search the internet, or even make a few calls without ever having to click a button. However, thanks to these convenience features, your device might be draining its battery life constantly looking for the wake word. Fortunately, you can easily extend your device’s battery life by disabling this active listening state and deactivating any associated functions through your phone’s settings menu.

The process of disabling active listening varies depending on which voice assistant you use; however, it typically requires going through the settings of the voice assistant itself. Both Android and Samsung smartphones contain menus specifically dedicated to various voice assistants that allow users to control what functions are enabled at all times. For example, some devices have “always-on” displays that keep listening for commands even after you unlock your phone with a passcode or biometric authentications like a fingerprint scan or face scan. Disabling this feature will ensure that your phone does not listen for key phrases unless instructed to do so. Of course, users must balance convenience with security when taking advantage of these features; however, if battery life is at risk due to an installed.

8. Dumb Down Your Phone

Modern smartphones are incredibly powerful and can do a lot of things with ease. They’re also incredibly easy to customize and simplify when you want to just perform basic tasks without too much fuss. For example, if you want to keep your phone running faster and longer on battery, the “Enhanced Processing” setting in Samsung phones allows you to decide whether you want faster data processing or longer battery life. You can also adjust the refresh rate of your screen which will help conserve battery power even further.

To extend battery life, navigate to the Motion smoothness option in display settings and select the standard 60Hz screen refresh rate instead of the enhanced 120 Hz or higher. With just a few simple tweaks, you can easily dumb down your phone for extended use rather than having it run at full-power all the time.

9. Automate the Process

Automation is a great way to streamline the process of keeping your battery running smoothly. With Adaptive Battery, powered by AI, in Battery and device care section of your phone’s settings, you can set your phone up to learn about your individual charging habits and adapt accordingly. This allows for superior battery optimization so that you don’t have to worry about manually changing settings or overcharging.

In addition to Adaptive Battery, Google Assistant also provides tools to help keep the battery healthy and charged. Routines enable you to program specific commands related to battery care and prevention, such as setting reminders for when it’s time to unplug or enabling adaptive brightness. Setting up rules with Google Assistant further automates the processes and eliminates worries of trying to remember all the details of proper battery maintenance. These automated Solutions offered by Google take away any hassle associated with ensuring that your phone has enough energy ready when needed most.

10. Consider purchasing a portable battery

Many people find it frustrating when their phone runs out of battery life in the middle of an important conversation or task. Having to charge your device constantly can be a hassle, but luckily, there is a great solution. With the help of external power banks and battery cases, you can purchase extra charge for your phone that will last you much longer throughout the day.

Power banks are portable, rechargeable batteries that can be used on any kind of smartphone. You can buy one with any capacity and they come with a variety of tips use to fit your device. Battery cases are also available and they fit specifically to your individual cell phone model so you never have to worry about compatibility issues. Because these products are universal, you can take them anywhere and not have to worry about outlet availability; all you need is a USB cable and an open port! Both power banks and battery cases are convenient and affordable options that will give you more hours on your phone without having to change anything else in your routine.