Setting Systems Sounds on your Apple Mac

Setting Systems Sounds on your Apple Mac

If you’re looking to customize the sounds on your Mac, you can do so with a few easy steps. Setting system sounds on your Mac is an easy way to personalize your computer in order to make it unique and more enjoyable for the user. Here’s how you do it:

Go to System Preferences

The first step is to go into System Preferences, which can be found within the Apple Menu. Once in System Preferences select ‘Sound’, which will open a window containing different settings related to audio output.

Choose Desired Output Device

Within this window you can choose the desired output device that sound will play through; options include speakers, headphones and connected devices such as TVs or external sound systems. Audio input devices such as microphones will also be available here, allowing those recording voiceovers or audios to check that they are correctly set up too.

Selecting the System Sound option

The next step is identifying what type of sound should come out when an action takes place – such as logging into the computer or dragging windows around on screen – these are known as system sounds. Selecting this option brings up its own tab in which various settings can be adjusted depending on your preference.

Adjustments for System Sounds

Under this tab there are several options that can help you adjust system sounds including Pitch, Balance (to control left/right volume) and Play Alert Sounds (which allows a notification when something has happened). This feature works using selected sound effects from each of a series of sub-tabs located at the top of this window; these each contain different sets of sound effects so feel free to experiment with them all if desired!

Save and Apply Changes

Once any changes have been made, simply hit Save and Apply at the bottom right corner of the window to complete the process – after this has been done all newly changed system sounds should take effect immediately!