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How much is an ipad

how much is an ipad


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iPad pricing varies depending on the model and specifications. In this article, we’ll explore the different iPad options and their corresponding price ranges to help you find the perfect fit for your budget and needs.

What is the price of the most affordable iPad?

The Apple iPad has revolutionised modern tablets, making them synonymous with quality and dependability. Historically, the standard iPad has been the most affordable model in the lineup. This year, Apple has made a slight change. There still is an affordable 9th generation iPad 10.2-inch tablet available, but they’ve also introduced a more expensive 10th generation model with a 10.9-inch screen thanks to its redesign.

So if you’re in the market for the most affordable iPad then you’ll need to opt for the 2021 iPad 9th Generation. Not only is it cheaper than other models, but it also features a handy home button – something that will eventually disappear from future iPads. Although you may be tempted by larger and pricier models on offer such as the 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPads, there are ways to save money and get great discounts on those too; just make sure to compare prices before making your purchase!

iPad (9th generation)

The 9th generation iPad is the latest make from Apple and features a variety of upgrades over previous releases. It comes with either 64GB or 256GB of storage as well as support for the first-generation Apple Pencil, which is a great bonus for those interested in digital design. For those wanting to stay connected on the move, there is also a cellular version with eSIM technology; however, this option does come at an extra cost.

Overall, prices for the 9th generation iPad are relatively affordable when compared to other top-end tablets available on the market. Those looking for a 64GB non-cellular model can expect to pay around £369. Meanwhile, those opting for the more expensive cellular version will need to factor in an extra cost of around £100. Ultimately, the price tag of this impressive tablet makes it perfect for those looking for an affordable way to get into computing and browsing the internet on a device that packs some serious punch.

Apple iPad 10.2in (2021)

The Apple iPad 10.2in (9th Generation) is the latest iteration of the popular iPad line, released in 2021. This tablet features a 10.2-inch display and is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The iPad comes in four different storage options: 64GB, 256GB with both Wi-Fi and Cellular versions available for each option. Customers can buy the iPad directly from Apple retail stores, online, or through official retailers around the world. Prices range from £300 to £600, with equivalent prices in Europe, Australia and Canada also available.

In terms of display, this model offers bright colors with true-to-life details for remarkable realism. The A12 Bionic chip helps it power through tasks quickly and efficiently while providing excellent energy efficiency. Furthermore, it comes with advanced sensors that enable Face ID using facial recognition technology for secure logins as well as unlocking apps. It also supports up to one terabyte of additional storage via an SD card slot for media files or other documents if needed. All these features make this latest model of iPad a great choice whether you’re looking for a powerful tablet to work on or something more specialized for entertainment purposes!

iPad (10th generation)

The newly released 10th generation iPad is a powerful and sleek device thanks to its modern design similar to that of the 5th generation iPad Air. With no Home button, the device utilizes full screen access with intuitive gesture controls that can easily be used for everyday tasks. Though this model brings plenty of impressive features such as a bigger 10.9-inch display, upgraded cameras along with 5G support, it does come at a cost – the starting price for this tablet is £499.

The iPad’s price tag will no doubt put off some shoppers who may find other manufacturers slightly more attractive in terms of specs and pricing. However, those willing to spend a few extra bucks will not regret their decision once they get their hands on the amazing new features found in the 10th generation iPad. From its improved performance over previous generations to its array of eye catching color choices available for its case, the iPad offers ample value even if one must pay an extra premium for it.

Discover the incredible price of the iPad mini!

The iPad mini (6th generation) is the perfect size for those who are looking for a powerful and portable device. With a smaller form factor, it offers many of the features found on its larger 10th generation iPad counterpart without compromising on power or performance. This includes an A15 Bionic chip, a 7.9 inch Retina display that runs at up to 83 per cent higher resolution than the 10th generation iPad, and support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil – all packed into a supremely sleek package.

At just £569, the price of entry is both reasonable and highly competitive within its class. You’re getting raw power, sophisticated technology, plus full access to the App Store’s expansive library of software with real multi-tasking capabilities – making it perfect for both work and play. So if you want something that strikes a great balance between value and cutting-edge features, then this is definitely your go-to device.

Curious about the iPad Air’s price?

iPad Air is the perfect tablet for users looking to get great performance at a moderate price. It packs Apple’s powerful M1 processor that can easily manage any tasks you throw its way. The design of this great device also resembles the more expensive iPad Pro, however it does lack ProMotion support due to its cost-effectiveness. Prices for the iPad Air start at just £669, meaning it is well worth considering for those who want an excellent balance of performance and price.

This combination ensures that no matter what you’re using your tablet for, whether its more intense activities like gaming or more basic activities like web-surfing, the iPad Air will be up to the task without breaking your bank account in the process. Plus, with all of Apple’s latest features such as FaceTime and iCloud syncing included in iOS 14, keeping connected with friends and family couldn’t be easier wherever you are.

11-inch iPad Pro

The 11-inch iPad Pro is a great choice for those looking for an Apple device that offers plenty of features, but doesn’t break the bank. At a starting price of £599 it is significantly cheaper than its larger sibling, the 12.9-inch model. Despite being cheaper, it still packs a punch in terms of features as it includes the powerful A12Z Bionic chip, LiDAR scanner, and stereo speakers with wide stereo sound.

One area where this model falls short compared to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is its display. While it has the same ‘Liquid Retina’ feature found on many other iPhones and iPads, this model lacks XDR brightness which occurs on the larger model due to its increased display size. This does mean that users won’t be able to view content at as high a resolution as what can be achieved with an XDR-enabled version, however given the cost savings offered by going for an 11-inch iPad Pro this is unlikely to be too much of an issue for most users.

12.9-inch iPad Pro price

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the latest in Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet range, and its price reflects that, with no entry level model coming in at less than £999 for Wi-Fi or £1,199 for cellular models. This is a significant increase from the 11-inch models which start at just over half of this price point. However, the larger screen offers more than just size; some unique features mean it’s a great choice beyond just needing a bigger canvas.

For instance, the display offered is one of the best available on any tablet currently on the market: it’s Liquid Retina XDR which offers both excellent resolution and ultra bright colours with an XDR brightness level of up to 1,000 nits maximum full screen and 1,600 nits peak. And finally if you opt for the 12.9-inch model you’ll be getting the 6th generation hardware compared to the 4th generation offered on the smaller size — so definitely a good option for anyone looking to get their hands on a powerful device with more real estate to work with.


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