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How heavy is an iMac

how heavy is an imac


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The weight of an iMac varies depending on the specific model and screen size. Let’s explore the different weights and factors that may influence your choice when considering an iMac.

What is the weight of an iMac?

The weight of an iMac can vary significantly depending on the specific model and screen size you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the approximate weights for different iMac models:

  1. 24-inch iMac: The 24-inch iMac is one of the latest models and is known for its compact design. It typically weighs around 9.83 pounds (4.46 kg). This model is more lightweight and portable compared to its larger counterparts.
  2. 27-inch iMac: The 27-inch iMac is a larger and more powerful model. It generally weighs between 19.7 pounds (8.93 kg) and 20.8 pounds (9.43 kg), depending on the specific configuration and whether it’s the previous Intel-based model or the newer M1-based model.

The weight of an iMac is influenced by various factors, including its screen size, port selection, and internal components. Larger and more powerful models tend to be heavier, while smaller, base models are lighter. Additionally, newer models with M1 or M1 Pro/Max chips may have slightly different weights compared to older Intel-based iMacs. It’s essential to consider the weight of the iMac when choosing the right model for your needs, especially if you plan to move it or require a more portable setup.

What Components Contribute to the iMac’s Weight?

The weight of an iMac is influenced by a combination of factors and components. These include the base model specifications, screen size, processing power, and additional features. For instance, the 27-inch iMac tends to be heavier than the 24-inch model due to its larger screen size and enhanced capabilities. The display itself, measured in nits of brightness, contributes significantly to the weight, as it involves layers of technology and glass. Higher-end models often incorporate more powerful processors and graphics cards, adding to the overall weight. Additionally, the inclusion of various ports, such as Ethernet, display, USB, and Thunderbolt, as well as extra features like external display compatibility and improved audio capabilities, can also affect the weight of the iMac.

In terms of internal components, the processor plays a crucial role. The type and performance of the CPU, such as single-core and multi-core capabilities, impact the overall weight. For example, models with high-performance cores or Intel Core processors may be slightly heavier due to the advanced computing capabilities they offer. In summary, the weight of an iMac is a culmination of various factors, from the size and capabilities of the screen to the power of the internal components and the inclusion of additional ports and features. Users can choose configurations based on their specific needs, balancing performance and weight considerations to find the best fit for their intended use.

iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021)

The 2021 iMac 24-inch is the latest model from Apple that features a powerful M1 chip. It comes in five modern colors— blue, green, pink, silver, and yellow— that all provide a unique look for any home or office computer setup. The slim design of this new iMac makes it one of the best looking desktops on the market today. Not only does its aesthetic appeal to most users, but its cutting-edge internals are what make it stand out above the competition.

The M1 processor delivers three times the performance as well as five times faster graphical capabilities than its predecessor. This combined with hardware accelerated graphics make it perfect for intensive tasks such as video editing and rendering 3D images. With up to sixteen gigabytes of memory and two terabytes of storage space, this iMac can easily multitask many applications simultaneously with no slow down even when pushed to its limits. Whether you’re a creative professional looking for maximum performance from your computer or someone who simply appreciates beautiful design – the 2021 iMac 24-inch offers something for everyone.

iMac Showdown: The Battle of the Weights – 24-inch vs. 21.5-inch

The latest 24-inch iMac from Apple is one of the most powerful machines on the market today. It packs a punch with its Intel Core processor, large storage capacity and stunning 4K Retina display. However, one potential downside to choosing the larger size may be its heft. With an overall weight of 15 pounds (6.9 kg), it’s nearly twice as heavy as its smaller sibling – the 21.5-inch iMac – which weighs only 8.92 pounds (4.04kg).

This means that when it comes to portability, the 24-inch model is far less suitable for frequent adjustments and relocations compared to the 21.5-inch iMac, making it more suitable for permanent desk setups rather than active mobile use. Of course, if you’re looking for maximum power and visual capabilities, then the 24-inch could be worth its extra weight in terms of increased performance and visuals alone. Ultimately, however, before buying either model, it would be wise to consider your needs carefully and decide how much portability you really need versus other factors such as processing power or aesthetics.

Comparison of screen sizes between iMac 24 and iMac 27

The 24-inch iMac is the perfect choice for those who want a compact, yet powerful machine. With its 23.8-inch Retina 4K display and 4096 x 2304 resolution, it makes doing everyday tasks easier than ever before. It’s also more affordable than the 27-inch version, so you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

The 27-inch iMac offers the ultimate in desktop experience with its large size and extraordinary 5120 x 2880 resolution Retina 5K display. If you need more screen real estate or need to do things like work with larger graphics or video editing projects, the 27-inch model is recommended. This option may cost more than the 24-inch version but provides a better overall viewing experience and can provide even more value if you plan on using your Mac often for creative work or gaming.


In conclusion, the 24-inch iMac weighs 15 pounds (6.9kg) and the 27-inch model weighs 20.3 pounds (9.2 kg). This means that if you plan on moving your iMac around often, the 24-inch is your best bet as it is much lighter than its larger counterpart. However, if you need maximum power and screen size then the 27-inch is a better choice.


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